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WhatsApp, for some years, has its version of "Stories" similar to those working on Instagram and Facebook.
They are called "States", they work like the stories of other social networks and disappear automatically after 24 hours from their publication.

If we have seen a particularly funny or beautiful scene or story of a friend of ours, and we would like to make it our own, there is a procedure by which it is possible to save the images and videos published in the States by our contacts.

It is not part of the default WhatsApp settings and in this article we will explain how to save the WhatsApp status of others, whether on an Android smartphone, iPhone or computer.

Preliminary information

As in other stories, even for the statuses of WhatsApp, the updates of our contacts are designed to last a maximum of 24 hours, unless those who publish them do not think of reposting them.

States generally undergo automatic removal, with no possibility of recovery.

Before the status is removed, you can, however, record photos or videos that interest us, saving them in your Gallery.

It should be added that the author of the reproductions will never know that we have saved them, obviously just do not republish the contents taken, unless our friend gives us permission.

It must be added, then, that the various unofficial apps, defined as useful for saving WhatsApp status, and which are on the Play Store (and not only): even if some work, they can represent a risk for privacy and often show invasive advertisements.

That said, let's get started.

How to save the WhatsApp status of others on Android

There are several options to save WhatsApp statuses on Android. The simplest is to take a screenshot of the photos, or use the video capture tool built into many Android devices.
Let's see in detail.

Save WhatsApp status photos

The first way to save a WhatsApp status on Android is to take a screenshot.
If the content to be captured is a photo, you will need to take a snapshot of the screen.

To do this, it depends on our device.

There are different combinations of keys to press to photograph what is displayed on the display of an Android device:

If the smartphone is equipped with a physical Home button:

  • press the Power + Home simultaneously.

If the Home button is absent:

  • try the Power + Volume Down combination.

When the operation is successful, the screen flashes like a flash and the sound effect of a camera is played: the photo will be saved in the Gallery.

Another method to save WhatsApp status on Android is to

  • access the file manager of your device,
  • look in the temporary files of WhatsApp. On newer devices with Google services, the default file manager is but you can use any such tool,
  • open the file manager we use,
  • activate the display of hidden files,
  • in Google Files, press the ☰ icon, at the top left,
  • go to Settings,
  • activate the Show hidden files toggle.

Go to the internal memory of the device, or to the SD, if we have moved WhatsApp to the external card:

  • search for the WhatsApp folder,
  • go to Media> .Statuses, where to find the statuses already displayed, available for saving in another folder,
  • tap on the three dots icon corresponding to the photo to be saved,
  • proceed with moving to another folder.

You can also create a folder called Saved States to store all content of this type.

To do it:

  • press on the items Move to> Internal memory> Add a new folder,
  • type a suitable title.

Save WhatsApp status video

If the content to be saved is a video, you can:

  • record the screen using the appropriate function on the device, if present,
  • just call up the notification drop-down menu, swiping down from the top of the screen,
  • press the screen recording icon.

Alternatively, you can look for the Screen Recording app (or similar) in the application menu.

Once the display of the WhatsApp status to be recorded has been started and finished:

  • stop recording by pressing the appropriate icon in the notifications menu and the final movie will be automatically saved in the Android Gallery.

If our smartphone does not have the integrated screen recording function, you can use a third-party app, for example, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or from alternative stores.

After installing it:

  • start ADV Screen Recorder,
  • press the Accept button, to accept the privacy policy,
  • click on the Allow button to allow the app to save the recordings,
  • tap the Allow button on the screen that opens.

At this point:

  • touch the (+) button, bottom right,
  • give the app permission to show the tools to record on the screen.

You will be asked to consent to the audio capture:

  • proceed by tapping the Allow button again,
  • a video camera icon will appear at the side of the screen,
  • start the WhatsApp status to be recorded,
  • press the button with the camera,
  • from the menu that opens, press the Rec button,
  • registration will start.

To stop it:

  • press the icon on the side again,
  • click on the Stop button.

The recording will be saved in the Android Gallery.

Another possibility is to follow the instructions in the chapter on photos, in this way you can also retrieve the status content from the mobile phone file manager, in the .Statuses folder. There is no distinction between photos and videos: both formats converge there and can be saved immediately after viewing them.

How to save others' WhatsApp status on iPhone

WhatsApp status can also be saved on iPhone.

The procedures consist of making the screen capture while photos and videos are playing.
Here are all the details.

Save WhatsApp status photos

Per fare lo screenshot di uno stato di WhatsApp su iPhone:

  • start the reproduction of the state of interest,
  • press the key combination that best suits your iPhone model.

With an iPhone with Face ID:

  • press the right side key and the Volume up key at the same time.

With an iPhone with a physical Home button:

  • Press the Home button and the Power side button at the same time.

After taking the screenshot:

  • we will see a thumbnail of the photo appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • when it disappears, the file will be saved in the Photos app.

Save WhatsApp status video

If the content to save is a video:

  • record the iPhone screen with the Screen Recording tool.

To use it:

  • call up the iOS Control Center,
  • on iPhones with Face ID swipe down from the top right corner of the display,
  • on iPhones with a physical Home button, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top, center,
  • press the Rec button (the dot).

If the Rec button does not appear, to enable the screen recording function in Control Center:

  • go to the Settings menu> iOS Control Center,
  • press the (+) button next to the Screen Recording option.

Once the WhatsApp status to be recorded has been started:

  • start the screen recording function as we have just seen, which will activate after three seconds),
  • when finished, stop recording by pressing the indicator or the red bar at the top,
  • confirm.

The video will be saved in the iOS Photos app.

How to save the WhatsApp status of others on PC

Now let's see how to save the WhatsApp status of others from PC.

With the WhatsApp Desktop program already installed, or by accessing the chats by connecting to WhatsApp Web from a browser, there should be no problems in storing photos and videos among the files on our computer.

Save WhatsApp status photos

Once you have opened the WhatsApp program from your PC, or after logging in to WhatsApp Web:

  • go to the Status section, above the chat list next to the profile picture,
  • before even viewing the photo we are interested in, make sure you have already opened the Windows Snipping Tool or macOS Screen Snapshot.

Snipping Tool is pre-installed on Windows, to find it:

  • open the Start menu,
  • type snipping tool in the search bar,
  • select from the results in the list.

By clicking on the item Mode you can choose the size of the screenshot; for convenience, select

Capture full screen and possibly crop the image later.

At this point:

  • return to WhatsApp,
  • open the state we wish to save,
  • take a picture by clicking on the New item,
  • make sure you save the file manually by clicking the Save button,
  • choose the destination.

MacOS's equivalent to the Snipping Tool is called Screenshot:

  • located in the Launchpad,
  • or by pressing the combination cmd + shift + 4 on the keyboard.

After going to the Status section of WhatsApp:

  • open what interests us,
  • take a picture of the screen by clicking on the Capture button, checking that the Capture full screen option is selected, the first from the left,
  • or by using the above key combination.

Save WhatsApp status video

As for videos, on Windows we have to use a pre-installed tool called Game DVR.

It is a tool designed to record game sessions, but can also be used for WhatsApp statuses.

  • Go to the Start menu,
  • select the Settings item,
  • go to Games, in order to select the Game Bar item from the list on the left,
  • check that the Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using the game bar is activated.

Once done:

  • open WhatsApp,
  • go to the State section,
  • press Win + G simultaneously on the keyboard.

The Recording Bar will open, from which you can record the screen and, with it, also the video played within the status.

On macOS the procedure is even simpler, it is possible, in fact, to use the Screen Snapshot tool.

This time, however, by first selecting the Record full screen option and then clicking the Record button, while the video is already playing.

To stop recording, just go to the top, in the menu bar, and click the Stop button.

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