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Buying tech items on the Internet it is now a custom for millions of Spaniards. Most consumers rely on the Net not only for the greater convenience it guarantees, but also in the hope of coming across an affordable discount or looking for an opportunity to seize on the fly.

This applies to smartphones, but also to televisions and numerous other devices. The shopping online it is the tool that is taken into consideration when looking for attractive offers, also because it is very likely that the prices of the products vary over time: not only from one week to another, but also within the same day .

The advantages offered by online shopping portals

The portals dedicated to shopping on the Internet provide the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive discounts, and therefore would not be guaranteed elsewhere, with lower prices and affordable rates.

Access to comparison tools - the so-called price comparators - it is an important opportunity also because it operates in real time: in a few clicks it is possible to check which e-commerce offers the lowest price for a given product.

The case of

In the sector of comparators it is worth noting, which stands out for the quality of the user experience that makes available. It is a search engine that aggregates the articles of more than 400 online stores, for a total of over 1 million products.

For each of them it is possible not only to find out the lowest price, but also to be notified when the cost drops. A great savings opportunity, for the benefit of all users; who, moreover, have access to detailed reviews with an indication of the pros and cons of each article.

How to save to buy a mobile phone

Consider the hypothesis that you are interested in buy a smartphone. One of the strategies that can be adopted to spend as little as possible is to go directly to the manufacturer's website.

We must not forget, then, to take advantage of the periods in which the discounts are applied: not only during the sales weeks, but also in correspondence with special days such as Black Friday and, above all, Cyber ​​Monday, which is dedicated to technological items.

When it is convenient to change your smartphone and get a new one

If you have in mind of replace your smartphone and to buy a new model, the autumn season is perhaps the least suitable to do so. In the autumn, in fact, the most important updates of the operating systems by Samsung and all the other major brands, such as Sony and Apple, are generally published.

In short, it is a period of very intense traffic from the point of view of mobile phone market: this is why it is preferable to wait for the winter season and perhaps the arrival of the new year, when it will be more likely to get cheaper rates.

Check social networks

One tip worth keeping in mind is to carefully monitor social networks. THE hi-tech brands, in fact, they tend to publish interesting promotions on their pages, which however may have a limited duration and which should therefore be grasped immediately.

It can happen, for example, that they are up for grabs the best smartphones at the lowest prices than usual. But this can be extended from cell phones to televisions or any other electronic product. The important thing is to remember to avoid warranty extensions, which are of little use and only have the effect of making you spend more.

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