How to reset your Xbox 360

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Il factory reset could solve the problems with yours Xbox 360. There are some good reasons why restore an Xbox 360 to factory settings. The restoring an Xbox 360 it can solve some weird problems that may arise after years of use and it's also a good idea to wipe all your data before swapping your old console or selling it.

Il restoring an Xbox 360 it's a fairly simple process, and it can't be undone. When you reset your console, you lose all games, save data, themes and avatars that you haven't backed up. In many cases, clear the cache your xbox 360 it might be the best option.

Try clearing the Xbox 360 cache

You can solve many common problems with your Xbox 360 by simply clearing the cache. This removes temporary files and system cached data during normal use. Since clearing the cache is quick and easy, and corrupted temporary files can cause a lot of problems, it's a good idea to try this before attempting a hard factory reset.

  1. Press the Help button to open the Xbox guide.
  2. Go to the card Settings.
  3. Select System settings. With the menu System settings open, select Archiving.
  4. Select hard drive.
  5. Press the pulsing Y to open the Device options.
  6. Select Clear system cache.
  7. Select Yes to confirm the operation, then wait for the process to complete.
  8. Restart your Xbox 360 and see if the problems persist.

If the problems persist even after resetting the system cache or you want to prepare the console for sale or give it away, it's time to reset Xbox 360 to factory settings. Before that, however, you need to back up your data and format your hard drive.

Preparing for Xbox 360 Factory Reset

Reset an Xbox 360 to factory settings it is not difficult, but it is a serious process that cannot be undone. For reset your Xbox 360, you need to backup your games, profile, themes and other data to an external drive first, then format your Xbox 360 hard drive.

If you are getting rid of your Xbox 360, you can also remove the hard drive before selling or giving away the console. The new owner will need to install their hard drive or use a memory card.

Find your Xbox 360 serial number before restoring

First di restore Xbox 360, find the serial number of the console and write it down. When trying to format your hard drive, you usually can't proceed without this number.

You can find your Xbox 360's serial number on the back of the console, but if the number has been scratched or obscured, you can also find it in the system settings menu:

  1. Press the Help button to open the Xbox guide.
  2. Go to the card Settings.
  3. Select System settings.
  4. With the menu System settings open, select Console settings.
  5. Scroll down to select System information.
  6. The System Information screen contains a lot of information about your Xbox 360 console, but what you need is the serial number of the console.
  7. Find your console's serial number, type it in, then press the button B on your controller until you return to the main menu System settings.

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Back up your games and data before restoring

When you reset your Xbox 360, all information stored on the hard drive will be removed. This includes all your downloaded games, saved data, your profile, and everything else stored on your hard drive. If you want to keep any of this data, you need to back it up.

Your profile will be deleted from the Xbox 360, but this will not delete your Xbox Live account or cancel your Xbox Live subscription. In the future, you will still be able to log back into this console or any other console.

When backs up your data to an Xbox 360, you can choose to transfer all at once or one item at a time. To move everything at once:

  1. Connect a USB hard drive or pen drive to Xbox 360.
  2. From the menu System settingsselect Archiving.
  3. Select hard drive.
  4. Press the pulsing Y to view the Device options.
  5. Select Transfer content.
  6. Select yours USB storage device.
  7. Select starts.
  8. You will not be able to transfer data if the external hard drive does not have enough storage space.

If you prefer to manually select the items you want to back up, you can do it too.

  1. Connect a USB hard drive or USB stick to your Xbox 360.
  2. From the menu System settingsselect Archiving.
  3. Select hard drive.
  4. Select Games and apps.
  5. Select a game you want to back up.
  6. Press the button A, then press the again button A.
  7. Select Move.
  8. Press the button A to delete the original copy and move it to the external media. You can also select Copy to leave a copy on your hard drive. Choose this if you won't complete the reset immediately and want to play your games in the meantime.
  9. Select yours USB storage device.
  10. Press the A key.
  11. Wait for the Xbox 360 to finish backing up your data.
  12. Press the button B.
  13. Select another item and repeat this process as many times as necessary.
  14. When finished, press the button B until you return to the menu System settings.

How to reset Xbox 360

Once you've written down your console serial number and backed up all your files, you're ready to go reset your Xbox 360. This results in formatting of the hard drive, which cannot be undone. When finished, your Xbox 360 will revert to its original state.

  1. From the menu System settingsselect Archiving.
  2. Select hard drive.
  3. Press the pulsing Y to open the Device options.
  4. Select the format.
  5. Select Yes to confirm your choice.
  6. Enter the console serial number
  7. Select Done, then wait for the formatting process to complete.

Once the Xbox 360 reset is done, turn it on to confirm that your data has been wiped. If the process was successful, you will be prompted to set up your Xbox 360 just like you did when it was brand new. The console is now ready to be sold or given away, or you can log back in with your Xbox Live account if you have reset to resolve a persistent problem.

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