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I was recently asked by a friend how he could reset the modem to factory settings since he no longer remembered the WiFi password. Has it ever happened to you? To me yes! There are a couple of reasons why you may need to reset your modem.

  1. You used a hard-to-remember password, you forgot it, and you don't have the password saved anywhere
  2. It was set up by someone else and you don't know the password
  3. You want to reset the modem because your connection is slow
  4. You think your modem may have been compromised and want to reset it to block any unauthorized users.

Note that if it's just connection problems, you may not need to reset the modem, but just restart it. To restart, unplug the router from the wall outlet, wait about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. It will take two to five minutes for the modem to restart, but most connection problems can be solved this way.

Once the modem is reset, the password for accessing the web interface and the WiFi password will be reset to their default passwords.

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How to reset the modem / router via the physical button

Resetting a modem is a fairly straightforward task, but the results are pretty good, which just means you'll have to spend some time resetting everything. When you reset a modem or router, you will lose all settings, including the following:

  • Router or modem administrator access (username and password)
  • WiFi username and password, security type, channel
  • Nome SSID
  • Any other problem
  • Any dynamic DNS configuration
  • Any firewall rules or settings

Most modern modems can be reset by following a very simple procedure. Turn the router over or look on the back for a small hole with the word Reset. All you have to do now is just find a small paperclip and press the small button that is in the hole while the modem is on.

Normally, press the button and count to 30. At this point, you should see the modem lights flash. Once fully restarted, the modem returns to its factory default state.

That's pretty much it! Some older routers may require that you turn off the modem first, then press and hold the reset button, and then turn the modem back on. If neither of these two methods work, all you have to do is contact your network operator and get help from them.

How to reset the modem via the web

The second way to reset a modem is to restore factory settings from within the web administration interface. To do this, you need to know your modem's IP address and type it into your web browser.

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The location to go to in the web interface varies greatly depending on the modem you are using. The best places to check are under titles like ManagementAdministrationAdvancedSystem,  Maintenance or something similar.

There should be a button called Restore settings predefined o Restore factory settings, which will do exactly the same thing as the physical reset button. The only difference is that most modern modems also have the ability to back up your settings to a configuration file that you can use to restore the configuration later.

If you're having trouble with your modem, you probably won't want to reset your current settings, but it's a great idea to reset your modem, configure everything, and then save a backup of all your settings after you've set it up correctly.

Now that your modem is up and running again, you will need to connect to it using your web browser to configure all settings again. To do this, read our tutorial on how to access the modem and change the configuration!

If you are unable to follow the instructions from the previous link, you can also download a program called Router Detector from a website called Port Forward which basically finds the router for you.

After logging in, you should do two things: change the default password for logging into the router and then configure the wireless settings.

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