How to remove ambient noise from an audio track

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One of the most annoying things about recording, whether audio or video, is the environmental noise in the audio track that creeps in and ruins the quality of the recording. Here we show you how to eliminate ambient noise from an audio track con Audacity.

Fortunately you don't need several thousand dollar software for eliminate that ambient noise which, at times, is practically unavoidable as you have to record on the street or outside the studio.

 eliminate background noise in audio recordings is need the help of Audacity, One of the best free audio editors. Doing this is very simple, you will stop worrying about that ambient noise in your audio tracks. We tell you step by step how to remove ambient noise from an audio track with Audacity

Load the track and select a sample

Se Audacity is not yet installed on your computer, you can download it from its website. Then, go to the menu Fillet and access the options of import, select Audio and find the audio file you want to eliminate ambient noise which will immediately open in the Audacity interface.

 eliminate ambient noise from the audio, you will first need to take a sample that tells Audacity what noise is and what isn't. This is achieved in a very simple way.

Just select a second or two of audio where only ambient noise is heard.

Professionals usually record those seconds before they start recording, letting that time pass before starting the conversation. This makes it much easier to take the sample.

If you haven't logged that hold time it doesn't matter, you can take advantage of a short silence in the dialogue to take that sample. Therefore, the first thing you should do is locate that pause in the dialog to take the ambient noise sample using the top playback controls.

When you are about to take the background noise sample, use it selection tool that you will find in the top bar and select it directly from the audio track.

Eliminate ambient noise from the audio track

Now that you have selected the ambient noise sample, enter the menu Effects e scegli l'opzione Noise reduction. With this, Audacity will take that time you have selected as the noise sample that you need to eliminate from your audio track.

This is especially effective when, for example, a motorcycle or car passed by while you were recording or if a phone suddenly rang. Audacity can eliminate that background noise even in the fragment of the track where it is heard.

If, on the other hand, ambient noise is heard throughout the audio track, Audacity will eliminate it entirely without problem. You just have to click on the button Get noise profile and select again the audio fragment you want to clean from noise, or the whole track.

After selecting the fragment you want to clean, go back to the menu Effects and Noise Reduction to return to the instrument configuration table. On this occasion, adjust the noise reduction parameters.

Do not set very high parameters, if you increase these parameters too much it is possible that Audacity cancel ambient noise too aggressively and cause you to lose audio quality.

Once you have eliminated the noise from one part of the track, select everything and apply the Noise Reduction filter to the whole track again.

When finished, click OK and the settings will be applied to the audio track.

Use the playback controls to check if the background noise of the audio track has been removed correctly. You can repeat this operation if there is another sector of the track with a different ambient noise.

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