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    How to pair Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch

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    An Apple Watch will only play Siri alerts and responses through the built-in speaker. To listen to music or other audio, you need to use a set of Bluetooth headphones (or even a Bluetooth speaker). Here's how to set them up.

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    Put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode

    To pair the Bluetooth headphones with a new device or Apple Watch, you need to activate pairing mode, which makes them available for new connections. The exact process varies from brand to brand, but usually you just need to hold down the power button, a dedicated pairing button, or a combination of buttons for a few seconds.

    If you are unsure how to put your headphones into pairing mode, please consult your device manual. If you have lost it, do a web search for the make and model of your headphones and the "pairing mode".

    If you haven't set the headphones in pairing mode, your Apple Watch won't be able to find them.

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    Pairing Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch

    • On your Apple Watch, go to Settings> Bluetooth.
    • Put the headphones into pairing mode and make sure they are within range of your Apple Watch.
    • Within seconds, the headphones should be listed under Devices. Tap their name and they'll connect.

    Selecting Bluetooth headphones on the Apple Watch

    The next time you turn on the headphones when your Apple Watch is within Bluetooth range, they should automatically connect. If not, you can select them manually.

    On the main Apple Watch screen, swipe up to access Control Center. Tap the "Audio Sources" icon and select your headphones from the list. Now, all audio will play through them.

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