How to make money with cell phones of yesteryear

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If you keep a old cell phone of 15 or 20 years, it is very likely that you have a small treasure without knowing it: nowadays, in fact, there are models of the past whose value can touch or even exceed one thousand euros. Why, then, not consider the hypothesis of selling a retro object like this by taking advantage of the many opportunities that the Net offers?

An example is offered by, site where it is possible to sell used phones and find buyers anywhere in Spain. The operating mechanism of this platform is very simple: anyone has the possibility to place an advertisement for the product they intend to sell (a mobile phone, in this case) specifying the asking price e la location.

Those interested can decide to contact the advertiser by phone or by leaving a message that will be sent to them via e-mail.

Thus, supply and demand can be put in contact in a simple and effective way: obviously, for increase the chances of success of your sale it is advisable to provide as detailed information as possible and photos that allow you to check the real conditions of the product.

Which old cell phones are worth the most

There are some models of mobile phones that today have a decidedly high value when compared with the purchase price established at theera in which they were placed on the market. Beyond technological obsolescence, in short, the economic value can be based on other criteria: an example is offered by Mobira Senator, a phone produced by Nokia even in the early XNUMXs whose appearance resembles that of a transceiver. Those lucky enough to own one should know that by selling it they could accumulate a nice nest egg of around a thousand euros.

The Nokia 3310

Il Nokia 3310 was one of the most popular cell phones at the beginning of the new millennium: who among those born in the 80s and 70s has never played Snake in the dead time? Such an iconic model is certainly not a rarity, but if you are lucky you can still manage to get a good amount between 30 and 130 euros.

More or less the same period dates back to T28 at Ericsson, known for being the first mobile phone equipped with a lithium polymer battery. The resealable flap on the keyboard and the green screen are two features that have entered everyone's memory: the T28, which just this year celebrated its 20esimo birthday, is quite sought after by collectors, willing to pay a hundred euros for what for three consecutive years was the lightest mobile phone of all.

Ed Apple?

It should also be mentioned in this review of old cell phones that can bring in a good amount of money l’iPhone 2G di Apple, which despite its not really old age is priced up to a thousand euros. On the other hand we are talking about the first smartphone in the history of the brand, a real cult for many fans of the sector.

Nokia again

Finally, to conclude the list of phones requested by collectors, let's go back to Nokia to talk about E90 Communicator and 9000 Communicator: in common they have the same value, which fluctuates around 500 euros, but the difference is that only the former is equipped with a color screen. The second boasts, however, a futuristic design with a very large screen (at least by 1996 standards) and an opening mechanism similar to that of a laptop.

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