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With all the advances in communications technology, you'd think the old phone calls would be gone by now, but there's really nothing that can replace a person-to-person voice call with the phone. Chat apps, messages, emails, Instagram DMs, Facebook messages ... all of these things are great supplements for verbal communication, but the fact is that talking to each other is the most effective means of communicating, especially on complex matters. . 

How to know if someone has blocked my number

A text is perfect for deciding which movie to go to; a phone call is where you decide whether or not to continue a relationship. Communication is simpler and has more bandwidth when each participant can hear each other's pitch and tone of voice. Speaking directly allows us to emphasize certain words in order to convey their intended meaning.

The problem, of course, is that many times people don't feel like talking. This can cause a problem in relationships when one person wants to talk but the other doesn't.

It can often seem like the other person is avoiding by rejecting your calls. That feeling of being ignored can be frustrating, made worse by the fact that you can't communicate verbally… oh my GOD what anger! 

In this article I will show you some ways to know if someone is avoiding talking to you on the phone, how to detect if they have blocked you or not, and how to manage the rejection of your calls.


This is obvious: the most obvious sign that someone refused to answer is that they don't answer you. However, it's a little more complicated than that. Usually if a call has gone through and connected, the phone will ring four times before switching to voicemail. 

If the call is sent directly to voicemail, this usually means that the phone is turned off (deliberately or due to a low battery), that the person you are calling is away from a tower, or that the recipient of the call has blocked the Your number. 

If the phone rings once or twice before switching to voicemail, they may have seen the call and pressed the dial to manually forward it to voicemail.

If this person takes your call normally, any of these are a potential indication that they are refusing to answer your call.

Don't get too upset, though, as there are many reasons why they might not respond. They can drive, be in a meeting, travel overseas, be without cell phone reception, on the subway, in class, on a date, interview, or something completely different. 

They may have lost their phone, stolen it, the battery has run out, or the service may be interrupted. He might be the kind of person who doesn't like talking on the phone.

None of these automatically mean they are avoiding you. He may really not be able to speak. If they miss a single call or a couple of calls in the same amount of time, it doesn't mean they rejected the call for any negative reason.

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Instead of simply rejecting your call, the other person may actually have blocked calls from your number. There are a few ways you can tell if this is the case; of course, there are exceptions to each of these:

  1. You hear a standard blocked message, such as "The caller you are trying to reach is not available."
  2. Every call over the course of a few days goes directly to the answering machine.
  3. You hear a busy signal every time you call for a few days.

How to tell if your number has been blocked by a contact


Conflict management is part of relationships. It should be handled with care for positive results. With that in mind, here are some things you can do if you think someone is avoiding your calls.


If you both have iPhones, try texting them. If the text is marked “Delivered”, it means that their phone is not turned off or in airplane mode. If they ignore your message as well, they may avoid you, but they may also just be busy.

If you are friends on Facebook or use a social network or chat app, try contacting them. If they can't speak, they may be able to type. If they are available in other ways other than voice, this should be enough to solve your problem. 

If they show up as online and don't respond to you, it could also be a sign that they are avoiding you.

Check the status of the last view or check the status of any sent message and go from there. WhatsApp shows the delivery and whether a message has been read.

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Both Android and iPhone can be set to block other numbers. If your calls go unanswered or are rejected immediately, that's what might have happened. 

Again, if it happens a couple of times it might be something else, but if it happens all the time, try calling your friend from a pay phone, a different phone, or an unlisted number. 

You can also dial * 67 # before your friend's number to temporarily hide the calling number. If they respond, you can ask them what's going on. If they don't respond, they may still be unavailable.

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Here we are entering dangerous territory. Caller ID spoofing is the use of certain technologies (usually made available through apps or web services) to allow a person to place a call and make the caller ID information for that call look like a number. different and specific phone. 

For example, you can use a spoofing service to change your caller ID information to read “202-456-1111” - which appears to be the White House - and greatly confuse or amuse the person called. 

Spoofing can be used for criminal purposes or for harmless pranks, but for our purposes here you can use it to take a final test on the person you are trying to reach.

Here's how it works. You use one of the spoofing services available online to make a call to your friend. For the counterfeit number, enter the number of someone whose call you will take the call you know: a friend, parent, or their work number. 

When their phone receives the caller ID information, it will use that information to tell the caller who is calling and will include the contact's name if the number matches what's in the person's contacts. 

So, if 719-302-3403 is your friend's workplace and the contact is stored as "Joe's Bar", then when you make a parody call using that number, it will show as "719-302-3403 Joe's Bar" on the your friend's phone - and presumably they will answer, as it's a business call.

There are some drawbacks to this method. One, call spoofing may not work for too long. Some companies are implementing new rules for a standard called "SHAKEN / STIR" which will not prevent the call from passing, but will alert the recipient that something is wrong with the incoming call information. 

Those rules and that protocol are expected to be implemented by the end of 2022. Two, even if everything works as expected, your friend may understand that you are playing a prank on their phone, even if you don't talk. 

Call spoofing isn't a brand new technology that only a few elite hackers know about, and you could end up aggravating a bad situation by using this technique. However, this is one of the few avenues available if you need to make a call.

There are three major spoofing service providers; they all work quite well. The Big Three are SpoofCard, SpoofTel and SpoofCall.


If you suspect a person is blocking you, you probably know why. But if you don't know why, you could ask a mutual friend to mediate and try to find out what the problem is. Don't be surprised, however, if friends don't want to get involved in this kind of problem.

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp


If someone is avoiding your calls, it may be time to think a little. Make sure they really want to be in touch with you, then try again. Don't call or contact too often, you risk making things worse. 

Give your friend time to answer and hope they eventually have a great story about why they failed to come on the phone. 

Eventually, you may simply have to acknowledge that for whatever reason, the person doesn't want you in their life. This could be due to something you did or it could have nothing to do with you. 

Sometimes it is difficult to accept it, particularly if you don't know why you are being rejected. However, part of being a mature adult is understanding that other people have their own plans and decisions, and they don't have to explain what they do.

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