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So you want to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs? Your family members have given you a new smartphone. It will be a good opportunity to get to know the technology. But first you would like to get rid of a doubt: since you have used two SIMs on your old mobile phone, you would like to know if the new smartphone you received as a gift also allows you to use two SIMs at the same time. We tell you how to do it.

Don't worry: if so and you wonder then cHow to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs, you will be happy to know that I am ready to help you in this regard. I will explain how to obtain this information through the technical specifications of your device. As well as through the IMEI and the configuration menu of the operating system the device is equipped with.

So are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good: sit comfortably and take your smartphone in hand. Follow the instructions I am about to give you carefully and I assure you that in no time you will be successful in your intentions. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and be very lucky for everything.

How to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs. First steps.

If you ask yourself how to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs the first piece of advice I give you is to check the technical specifications of your device.

Before explaining how to do this, however, I would like to clarify something important. At the moment, only Android devices are fully compatible with dual SIM mode. L'iPhone, instead, it never had a compartment to physically insert two SIM cards.

The only exceptions refer to the latest models: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max e iPhone XR, which, however, only offer dual SIM support through the combined use of a physical one nano-SIM it's a E.g. That is, a digital SIM that is active through the telephone operator.

1. Consult the technical specifications

That said, let's get to us. As already mentioned, the presence of the dual SIM support is a feature indicated in the technical data sheet of the smartphone. So if, for example, you bought your phone from Amazon, you can find this information in Product name and in the section Product details. There you will find all the specifications of the device.

Alternatively, you can always check the technical specifications posted on the manufacturer's official website (for example, by doing a Google search for the type "Technical specifications (smartphone model)" .

2. Check the IMEI

If, for some reason, it is not possible to find information on dual SIM support in the technical specifications of the device, it is possible to understand if a mobile phone has two SIMs via the IMEI. Indeed, if a smartphone has a dual SIM, it will be equipped with two IMEI codes.

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The first solution you can implement to verify that IMEI can be done on any smartphone brand and model. To proceed, in fact, simply start the marker (the application with which traditional calls are made) on the device and, in the dialing screen, enter the code *##06.

Once this is done, if your mobile phone is equipped with a dual SIM, they will automatically appear on the screen two IMEI codes of 15 digits each.

Alternatively, to verify the IMEI it is possible to act through the adjustments of the Android menu. Then, hit the app with the gear symbol present on the main screen of the device and access the menu About phone> Status> IMEI data.

At this point, you will be shown the smartphone with IMEI code: If it supports dual SIM, you will find two different IMEI codes marked with words IMEI (Slot 1) e IMEI (Slot 2).

Finally, don't forget that in some cases you can also verify the IMEI by physically opening the mobile phone and checking the internal tags. In this sense, in case of doubts or problems, consult the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to verify the IMEI.

3. Check your settings

You can also get information on the dual SIM support of a smartphone by acting through the settings of Android.

To do this, tap the application with the gear symbol located on the main screen or in the drawer of the smartphone (the screen with the list of all the applications installed on the smartphone). Then on the next screen that appears, tap the text SIM card.

If your device supports dual SIM mode, you will find the wording indicated Slot SIM 1 e Slot SIM 2, confirming the possibility of inserting two SIM cards.

4. Open your mobile

Finally, if despite the solutions indicated in the previous paragraphs, you have not yet been able to know if your smartphone is dual SIM or not, I suggest you put into practice an alternative solution that involves the physical opening of the mobile phone. We are still here with you to explain how to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs.

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On some smartphone models, by first removing the identified cover and then the battery, they allow access to the compartment used to insert the SIM. In this way, you will be able to understand at a glance whether the smartphone you are using is a dual SIM (since there will be two separate compartments to insert the SIM) or not.

Note that in some cases the second SIM slot is common with that of the microSD. So, if you have inserted a memory card into your phone, you may also have "hidden" what is actually a secondary SIM slot.

If the smartphone you are using cannot be physically opened, as it is made of a single metal block, there is almost certainly a side door to insert the SIM. Generally removable by inserting a metal clip into a special hole. In this case, by opening this door, you can understand at a glance if the smartphone is a dual SIM, since there will obviously be two slots for inserting the cards.

How to know if a mobile phone has two SIMs, conclusion

In this sense, in case of doubts or problems, consult my tutorials on how to open the phone, such as in which I explain how to open a Samsung smartphone, a Wiko brand or the one dedicated to inserting the SIM in Huawei devices.

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