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    How to improve your WiFi by choosing the best channel on the modem

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    There are many potential problems with WiFi at home and many solutions too. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn't, simply because the solution to slowness or constant drops is hidden in the modem settings. If you've already tried everything and nothing worked, maybe you should choose a best channel for WiFi.

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    As WiFi has become very popular, there is (almost) a connection and a modem in practically every home. Their range is limited to a few tens of meters - or less, if we talk about the AC standard, if there is not much interference between the modem and the device. However, in some densely populated areas, this interference does occur.

    How WiFi channels work and why you should care

    Il channel of broadcast WiFi it is neither more nor less the frequency with which data is sent and received to and from the modem. Its operation is to put it plainly like that of a road: if a lot of data comes and goes, there will be a traffic jam. Why should you fear these traffic jams? Because they are not entirely up to you.

    Your connection may slow down simply because the WiFi travels through a very busy channel, which is used by virtually all neighbors. Sometimes modems are configured to use one of the available channels, which causes constant dips when there are many modems and devices connected in a very small area.

    Below we explain how to know which channel is best for home WiFi.

    Let's analyze which channel is most saturated with an application

    There is a tool that works perfectly to know which WiFi channel is most used by all your neighbors. It's called WiFi Analyzer and is available for free for Windows 10 and Android. Unfortunately, there is no for iOS or macOS because Apple systems don't share this information with the API. 

    Once opened, you will see that our network is the closest, so its intensity is greater. However, you can also see which frequency is the most saturated of all. If you click on the eye icon that appears above in Channel Score, it will show the same data in the form of a star rating.

    Obviously, the best channel for WiFi it is the one with the most stars, the least busy.

    How to change the WiFi channel on your modem

    Now that you know what you want to do, it's time to log into the modem as we have explained here. This is much easier to do if you have an upper-mid-range modem and your own operating system. You can even change the values ​​from your mobile.

    If what you have is what your carrier gave you, log in the usual way. prova e configura la tua connessione wifi >>

    Once inside, go to Network> WLAN Settings and choose the channel you need. So, save and you are done!

    Don't forget to repeat this step by step in the 2,4 GHz network and in the 5 GHz network.

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