How to improve the life of an elderly person: the best technological tools

In Spain, thanks to the aging of the population, healthcare spending has increased dramatically, reaching almost 150 billion euros. Factors that indicate above all the chronicization of many pathologies, consequent to demographic aging and above all on the basis of long survival.

These data are alarming as the percentage of elderly people who need home care has increased considerably, often indispensable, but which has been welcomed by many entrepreneurs who have developed innovative solutions, thanks to technological systems aimed at improve the life of an elderly person.

THEtechnological innovation recorded in our country is constantly increasing, despite the demographic growth seeing a population progressively aging.

And the ISTAT data indicate that to approach more and more ad technological aids it is the elderly, about 80% of the population over 60 has used the internet at least once in their life. This trend is destined to increase significantly in the near future, given that half of the Spaniards are aged between 60 and 64 and use the internet regularly.

By expanding the different aspects of technological aids, it is easy to learn that taking into consideration the aspects of the daily life of the elderly, we realize that technology plays an important role. Whether they are questions of leisure, but also to get information, to carry out useful operations such as shopping, booking specialist visits more and more seniors use the internet.

And many of the services dedicated to the elderly can be used directly online, the same offered by INPS are available online and require useful skills to be able to use the IT tools adequately.

Smartphone for seniors

To try to promote the learning of new technologies by the elderly, it is necessary to guide them in choosing the best electronic devices capable of improving their ability to use.

As far as the smartphone for example, it is advisable to choose a model that does not have advanced functions, preferring a smartphone for the elderly that is basic and therefore easily understood by the elderly.

Uno smartphone per anziani must have specific characteristics such as a physical keyboard, or a keyboard with a rather large touch, but also with simple and easy and fast to use software, a high and crystal clear audio to meet the needs of the elderly who often have hearing difficulties .

A smartphone that has a rather large and easily readable screen, and a battery with excellent resistance in case the elderly can forget to recharge it. You can learn more about the topic telephone for the elderly on

Computer for seniors

The use of technological systems could also represent a moment of leisure for elderly people, who prefer to spend their free time getting information or playing online with their computer.

As for the choice of a computer for the elderly, the criteria to be looked for in the various models on the market concern the size of the screen, a high sound, and above all an operating system that is simple to use even for an elderly person.

And of course the computer for an elderly person it must be functional, powerful and with well-highlighted keyboard keys, so that it can be used without any problems whatsoever, waits and slowdowns.

Remote home care app

Some applications dedicated to the elderly allow to guarantee a continuous and reliable monitoring of the daily life of the elderly, who will be connected through online services to the main family reference figures or even to social health services.

Smartphone applications that allow you to create links between medical personnel and family members, or that allow you to monitor the home environment by providing information on the activity of the elderly in your home, or anomalies, such as any fall or escape from the apartment.

Social media and the elderly

There are many digital literacy projects designed for the over 65, to educate seniors less accustomed to the use of computers or smartphones, and facilitate the use of various services that are now also available online.

It might seem strange, but thanks to the use of the main social networks it is possible to counter the onset of the ugly scourge of loneliness, from which many elderly people tend to suffer.

Encourage seniors to participate via social media, such as Skype o Facebook, or the e-mail itself would help to simplify communication with loved ones, and consequently also facilitate the social relations of the elderly.

Tablet for the elderly

Invest in a tablet for the elderly it could prove to be a form of depression prevention. An electronic device such as the tablet for the elderly offers a constant source of playful activities, in the form of applications that allow you to satisfy both the curiosity of the elderly, who can read up on topics that interest him most, but above all a bit like for the smartphone, would allow him to get in touch with their family, thus reducing the sense of loneliness.

There are tablet models designed specifically for seniors, devices that must necessarily be accessible in a completely simple way, with an intuitive interface.

But above all with the possibility of a wide choice of selected and safe applications, designed specifically for the over 65, a tablet that performs the main functions to keep the elderly in constant contact with their families.

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