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Your 300 Mbps fiber optic internet connection has just been activated, but surprise! It only works properly when you are close to the router, whether it's a large or small house. When you go to the room or bathroom, the signal and speed go down, so you just have to look for the best way to improve your internet connection at home.

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There are several methods, both via WiFi and via cable. The fact is that you need to squeeze as much as possible on the connection they have just activated and you are paying for, since it is useless to have an excellent connection if the signal is weak in 80% of your home.

Fortunately, among these methods for increase Internet coverage there are tons of ways to improve WiFi connection. Not before having performed a connection speed test, commonly called a "Speed ​​test", to verify that the fault is not your modem or the operator.

1. The most versatile: a WiFi signal extender

One of the hottest devices in recent years are the WiFi signal extenders. Cable is the most reliable and fastest way to connect to the Internet, but WiFi arrives the least intrusively in all areas. There is no need to lay cables or make traces on the wall, so almost everyone goes for this solution.

That said, WiFi is the problem, especially when using the 5 GHz frequency. This is the fastest, but it also has the least coverage, so it usually works in a range of 10 meters or less, preferably unobstructed. .

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Fortunately, there are WiFi signal extenders useful a improve your Internet connection throughout the house in both the 2,4 GHz band - the usual - and in the 5 GHz band, which is used by WiFi AC devices.

2. Ethernet Cables: The perfect alternative if you're willing to do jobs

If you are planning to renovate your home or are doing it right now, it is worth considering connecting your devices with Ethernet cables, at least to the most distant or main rooms. Of course, in the bathroom you won't need a cable, but in your office or room, I think so.

If you can do such a job it is the right time to do it, you can run the cable in the existing electrical pipe, run it in conduits outside the wall or make traces in the walls and thus position the Ethernet cables in the same way they are used. the electrical cables. From the modem or the first telephone connection in your home you can connect to the room / device you want, it is ideal if you want improve Internet coverage in the whole house, even only in some rooms.

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You have a question for me: what if the speed increases to 600 Mbps or 1 TB in two years? Do I have to do the work again? Not at all. It is recommended to install Category 6 Gigabit Ethernet cables, the ones with the fastest data transfer rates at this time; this ensures an acceptable connection for many years.

3. The new solution: Internet through the power plug

One of the most innovative technologies in this area regarding the WIFi connection are PLCs. These are adapters that are used to send the network signal through electrical cables. It sounds too technical, but it's not: you just have to plug one adapter into the same socket as the router and another into the socket in the room where you want to receive the signal.

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Once in place, connect an Ethernet cable to that adapter and voila, you already have internet at a good speed from the router to your device. The main problem with this option useful for increase the Internet signal at home is that it is a little more expensive than the rest of the alternatives. Another bad thing is that every electrical device connected between the router and the end device interferes with the connection, reducing the speed.

Depending on the speed provided by the Ethernet, this will be the quality of the connection.

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