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    How to find Windows and MAC modem IP address

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    Each of the devices connected to the network is assigned an IP address. This also includes the WiFi access point which has its own assigned IP address. Sometimes, you may need to find IP address and log in to the modem to perform certain jobs such as changing network configuration, changing WiFi password and so on.

    Unless you have saved this IP address somewhere, and it is unlikely that you have, we recommend that you use one of several methods to find the IP address and access the modem on your computers. There are methods to find IP address and access modem on Windows and Mac, and you can use any of these to find your PC's IP address.

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    How to find modem IP address on Windows (GUI)

    If you are already connected to the network via WiFi or Ethernet, let's see where to find the modem IP address on Windows.

    • Right-click the network icon in the system tray and select Open network and internet settings.
    • On the following screen, click on the option that says Change adapter options. You won't change anything, though.
    • The screenshot below shows all the adapters available on your computer. You want to right-click on the current one and select the option that says State.
    • Click the button Details in the following screen to view more details about the network.
    • You should now see several IP addresses on the screen. Look for the one printed next to IPv4 Default Gateway and which is the IP address of your wireless access point.

    How to find your router's IP address on Windows (CLI)

    If you often need to find the modem IP address of various wireless access points and would prefer a simpler solution, using the command prompt utility to find the modem IP address would be more convenient for you.

    There is a command you can run in the utility that will allow you to see a lot of details about your network, including the WAP IP address.

    • Press the keys simultaneously Windows + R, type cmd in the box on the screen and press Submit.
    • When Command Prompt starts, type the following command and press Sending: ipconfig
    • As soon as the command is executed, you will see different IPs on the screen. The IP address shown next to Default gateway is the IP address of the wireless access point.

    How to find modem IP address on Mac (GUI)

    The IP of your WiFi access point can also be found on your Mac computer. If you choose the GUI method, all you have to do is click on a few options and you will have access to the required IP address of your WAP. It is assumed that you are already connected to the network via WiFi.

    • Click the WiFi icon in the Mac menu bar and select the option that says Open Network Preferences. Opens the network settings.
    • Select Wi-Fi from the left sidebar, then click Advanced in the right pane.
    • On the next screen, click on the tab TCP / IP up.
    • The IP of the wireless access point should be listed next to Router. Now you can use it to set up your network.

    View the IP of the wireless access point on Mac (CLI)

    The Mac terminal has a number of commands that you can use to perform various tasks and one of them allows you to view network information. You can use it to find the IP address of your wireless access point. The command should also work on Linux.

    • click on Launchpad in the Dock, search Port and click on it to open it.
    • Type the following command and press Enter: netstat -nr | grep default
    • Unlike other methods, you will only see a single IP next to that default. This is the IP address of your wireless access point and you can write it down for future use.

    Search for wireless access points when SSID broadcast is disabled

    One of the features of wireless access points is that you can hide them to prevent anyone from discovering them. If someone has disabled SSID broadcast, you will not be able to find out their WAP IP address as their network will not be found in your WiFi network list.

    If you need to find the IP address of your computer and hidden home router, you will need to use a network scanner app. NetSpot (freemium) is one of the apps that allows you to search for hidden and non-hidden networks around you. Using it is quite simple as all you need to do is install and run it.

    • Download, install and launch NetSpot on your computer.
    • Click on Discover when it starts and wait for it to scan for networks around you.
    • You will see the list of networks it may search for you.

    Difference between a WAP and a modem

    A wireless access point and a modem don't have to be confused to be the same thing. They are actually two different things and therefore work a little differently.

    A modem is actually a hub that you connect your devices to and is responsible for managing your network. A WiFi access point, on the other hand, is a wireless point that you connect your devices to and then connect further to the main network.

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    Wireless access points are usually used to extend the range of the core network so that more people can join the network. A router can have multiple wireless access points enabled on it for various purposes and users can connect to them.

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