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    How to find lost or forgotten passwords

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    Finding Lost Passwords - Sometimes we are a little forgetful and careless when it comes to our passwords. Although very often on our blog we talk about security, there are times when we can forget the password of our account or write it in a place that we no longer remember.

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    We have all experienced such a situation, of not remembering a password at the most urgent moment, but all is not lost. There is an application that can help us find those passwords that we have forgotten: Password Finder.

    How to find lost or forgotten passwords

    Passwd Finder comes to support us in those moments when we have to enter email account or any other platform and we don't remember the password. It is normal that when changing passwords, we do not remember them during the first few days and in those situations this application comes into play.

    In this sense, what Passwd Finder does is to search the computer as well find lost or forgotten passwords.

    To achieve this, Passwd Finder thoroughly scans the directories corresponding to browsers, mail clients, social networks and messaging platforms. 

    That is, the application is dedicated to search for lost passwords in those programs where it is likely that we have entered a password at any time. When finished, the program shows a table with the results found and the possibility of exporting them to an HTML page.

    Using the application is very simple, just install it and run the scan, after a few minutes the lost passwords appear as if by magic on your computer desktop. 

    If you can't log into any account because you don't have the password, Passwd Finder is the application you need to try to recover passwords. 

    Its interface is very intuitive and you will not need advanced knowledge to use its features.

    The app is able to recognize the directories where different browsers and clients store passwords, making them available on your PC desktop.

    To download the application, follow this link

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