How to find a song that we do not know the title

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Nothing is more frustrating than having a song in your head and not remembering the title. If you know a few words or if you can hum a piece of the song, nothing is lost. You can use search engines or music recognition sites for find a song that we do not know the title. If you've heard this song on the radio, look at the charts of the most listened to music of the moment to find "maybe" a match.

How to find a song that we do not know the title via search engines

Close your eyes, focus on the words used in the song you remember. You may remember some phrases like "look at people while they are there" or "it's the day one is remembered." Use quotation marks to delimit the phrase from the song when searching. The more phrases you remember, the more likely you are to find the title of the song.

  • Avoid searching with too many common words like "the", "and", "o", "but" or others. They could interfere with your search.
  • Maybe you've heard this song on a TV show or movie. Search for "songs played in episodes of Grey's Anatomy, season 6" or "song performed on The Voice in February 2018". Watch movie soundtracks or musical instrument scores.
  • The song you are looking for may contain a name that is repeated multiple times. If the way you spell it while searching doesn't produce any results, try again with a less classic spelling like "Mary" instead of "Maria" or "Lucy" for "Lucia". Be careful not to misspell your searches. Sometimes songs pop using abbreviations or misspelled words like "6" in place of "six" or "2" to replace "two".
  • Most search engines offer an advanced settings option if your searches don't bring you any results. You can limit searches to pages created in a particular year or search for a page that includes all search words. You can also delete some words or phrases if the popular results are not what you are looking for.
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How to find a song we do not know the title via apps and websites

Ask music lovers for help to find the song. Look at music forums of a specific genre, such as metal or instrumental music. Post a message with as much detail about the song as possible. Write down the words you remember, the context, and everything you remember.

  • WatZatSong and Musixmatch are websites for finding all kinds of songs.
  • If the song plays in a restaurant or bookstore, some apps may be able to save and download it. The application will then search its database for matches and offer you the closest song. The most famous applications are Shazam and MusicID.
  • Music apps won't help you if the song is over already. If you have a microphone, some music sites allow you to hum the melody or type the rhythm of the song and upload the recording online. Try singing the melody into the microphone. The website will then compare your recording to the songs in their database and show you possible matches. The Midomi site and the SoundHound application allow you to find a song that we do not know the title.

You may know the singing artist, but not the title of the song. Go to the official website and scroll through the list of their albums. Copy each song title to a music site like Spotify or iTunes until you find what you are looking for.

How to find a song that we do not know the title by browsing the music charts

If you've heard this song in the "Top 50" on W9 or "M6 Music", chances are you can find it by searching the charts. Search the rankings for your country for the best results. To see the current rankings, try, Playlists - Radio 105 and TOP 100 - SPAIN most popular songs.

Some songs are known in a particular community, but unknown to the rest of the population. If you are unlucky with the “Top100”, try the charts that specialize in a certain genre, for example rap, Spanish variety, country or other.

You may have heard an "old" popular song from ten years ago or more that won't be on the current music charts. If you know approximately when the song was released, look at the charts of previous generations. Wikipedia lets you know the number one titles in Spain since 1955. Other sites list the “Top100” list from the 40s and even earlier.


If you can't find your song after a Google search, maybe you glow in the lyrics of the song. Try to simplify your search. Remove details you are unsure of. If you've found the lyrics, but don't recognize the song, you may have heard a cover. Search until you find the version you are interested in.

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