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We will explain step by step how to delete or close a PayPal account, as we have explained to you in the past with other services. In case you have decided to say goodbye to the service, or simply have created a different account and want to delete previously opened PayPal account, here are the steps.

PayPal is one of the best services out there for adding a new level of security to your cards, acting as an intermediary between them and online merchants. It also lets you send money to other people, has transfer cancellation insurance, and lets you request a refund if they scam you.

However, you cannot change the associated email account, although you can change the card, so you can create another account with a new email while leaving the old one.

The process to delete the PayPal account is irreversible, it will not be left pending with the possibility of recovering it, it will be permanently deleted immediately. Therefore, if you have money in your PayPal account, it is advisable to transfer it to your bank account before closing it. It is also recommended that you delete all financial information before doing so, such as the associated card or bank account.

Also note that all your pending payments will be automatically canceled, which can affect the subscriptions you have associated with this account. You will always have to perform the process from the web, as the mobile application does not allow PayPal account deletion.

How to delete or cancel your PayPal account

The first thing you need to do is log into the PayPal account you want to close. Once inside, click on the configuration button that you have in the upper right corner and which has a cogwheel icon.

Once in the settings, stay on the Profile page. In it, in the Account Options section, click on the Close Account option that you will see at the bottom. This is what initiates the shutdown process.

PayPal will check your account if there are any pending scheduled payments and, if so, cancel the process. If not, it will show you a window asking if you are sure you want to permanently close the account. This is the last step and you must click the Close Account button if you wish to close it forever right now.

And that's all it takes to close your PayPal account. When you click delete PayPal account, your account will be permanently deleted and PayPal will show you a goodbye message. If you want to have an account with that email address again, you'll need to recreate it from scratch.

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