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    How to create an Amazon wish list

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    How to create an Amazon wish list on desktop website or phone. Creating Amazon Wish Lists can help you keep track of the items you want to buy for yourself or your family. You can create an Amazon vishlist via your PC or your Android or iOS phone. Once set up, you will see the option to add an item to your wishlist when you go to the product pages. You can eliminate unwanted lists by viewing your list in the "Lists" section of your Amazon account.

    Shop windows may be less used as online shopping increases, but that doesn't mean you're always ready to buy when you come across a great item. In these situations, a wish list can come in handy. If you shop on Amazon, you can create curated lists in your account to remind you of the items you want. Here's what else you need to know about Amazon's wishlists.

    How to create an Amazon wish list

    You can create a wish list on the desktop website or mobile app.

    How to create an Amazon wish list on PC

    1. Go to the Amazon website and log into your account if necessary.
    2. Hover your cursor over the tab Accounts and lists in the upper right corner of the page and click Create a list.
    3. Name your new list and press Create list.
    4. You will then be taken to the newly created listing page. You can change the settings for your list by hovering icon a three points on that page and pressing Manage List.

    From there, you can do things like make the list public or private, assign the list to yourself or an organization, and allow Alexa to add items to the list. You can also share a wish list with people to let them know which specific items you would like to receive as a gift.

    How to create an Amazon wish list on Android or iOS

    1. Open the Amazon Shopping app and log into your account if necessary.
    2. Touch thethree line icon.
    3. Select Lists.
    4. Toccata Create a list.
    5. Name your new list and tap Create a list.

    How to add to an Amazon wish list

    Once you've created your wish list, you can start adding items on the desktop website or mobile app.

    On the desktop

    1. When you see an item you want to add to your list, click on it to go to the item page.
    2. Select the button Add to the list, under the options to add it to your cart. If you have more than one list, select the carrot at the bottom next to that option and select the desired list.

    On the mobile app

    1. Touch the item you want to add to the list to view the item page.
    2. Scroll down and select Add to the list.
    3. Choose the list you want to add the item to by tapping it.

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    How to delete an Amazon wish list

    1. Access your Amazon wish list on the website or mobile app.
    2. Click or tap thethree dots icon and select Manage List.
    3. Select Delete list.
    4. Click on Yes in the confirmation message.

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