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    How to create a resume easily with Word

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    There are several options for create a professional CV with Word. The software offers by default some CV templates that can serve as a customizable basis. There are also sites that offer preformatted templates in Word format with different themes that you can edit to your liking.

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    How to make a curriculum vitae with Word? Office suite software has become a must-have option for most people when it comes to office automation. Word is a complete editor for writing any type of document, including the Curriculum Vitae. If you have a good creative mind, you can easily create a good resume with Word from scratch. But a good foundation can help you create a quick resume.

    How to make a resume with Word?

    Il software Word da Microsoft is an essential tool for writing di papers, personal or professional. Well used, will make easy to write letters and make a curriculum custom, which will convince recruiters… If all CV have the same structure, there are many ways to customize the formatting, color or font.

    Despite the many aids we have at our disposal, it's not easy to write a resume from scratch, no matter how much experience we have. Word helps us, on the one hand, with its many templates, available online and from Word itself in File> New> Available Templates.

    Manual mode with LinkedIn

    Once we have a good template, the most complicated step is to fill it with content that interests and draws attention to those who read our CV. Following the example of the Resume Assistant, if we do not have access to this function it is not a problem, since we can also log in to LinkedIn, register and take advantage of the tips and advice that this social network offers to create a profile.

    Regardless of whether you have a LinkedIn profile or not, you can see tips to include in your CV, such as professional career, academic career, skills, achievements…! Using the form to fill out the profile, we will find keywords and concepts which will be useful for our resume. For example, in your search engine you will find more.

    Creating a resume with Word: how to proceed?

    It's simple.You can access several Pre-built CV templates offered by Word. To have the choice between multiple models, you must be connected to the Internet.

    • Open the software and press File> New
    • Go to the tab Professional in the small menu that appears at the top, next to "Recommended searches"
    • There are several business document templates available, including resumes, sales brochures, flyers, and so on. To view CVs only, select the corresponding category in the menu on the right side of the screen
    • Find and select a model you like best. Word will download it from the web
    • Edit the template according to your preferences

    Other templates are available at

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    To have more model choices

    There are several websites that offer professional resume templates in doc or docx format. You can download and customize your resume. Examples of sites with a good foundation of free resume templates include.


    There are many others, these just listed are the best in our opinion.

    Finally, don't forget that your resume must first and foremost reflect your personality. Feel free to change the colors of the sections and other details to give a clean look to your wishes and above all to your profession.

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