How to crack the WPA password of any Wi-Fi

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Kali Linux for years has been the tool designed for computer forensics and computer security, in particular for carrying out penetration tests. I have often seen complex articles on how to crack Wi-Fi password which involves several complex steps.

However, there is an easy way around those steps, which only requires 1 tool to crack any WPA Wi-Fi password. Furthermore, the tool is integrated and works without pre-requisites. So here's how to crack WPA password on any Wi-Fi.

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How to crack WPS password on any Wi-Fi

1. First, let's start by downloading the ISO file for Kali Linux. Since I have a 64-bit machine, I will download the 64-bit variant. To determine yours, long press the Windows key and Pause or read here! Now go to the Kali Linux download page and install the appropriate ISO.

2. After downloading the ISO file, transfer the ISO to a USB flash drive. You can use USB boot software like Rufus or any third party tool of your choice. Before installation, the contents of the USB flash drive will be as follows.

3. When finished, boot your Windows PC via the USB flash drive. After the splash screen, you will see the Kali Linux boot screen, select “Kali Live”. Kali Live will start on Kalli without installing it on your system. The changes are not persistent and will be removed after shutdown. In case you want to save the changes to the USB drive, select “Kali Linux Live (persistence)” from the boot menu.

4. After starting Kali Linux, click on the Terminal icon in the apps menu on the left side.

5. Before pressing the button, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. Then, run the following command

you have

This command will first put your Wi-Fi into monitor mode. It will start searching for Wi-Fi networks near you and display them on the screen. Press Ctrl + C when you find the Wi-Fi you want to work with. In my case, I'm looking for SSID “Holygamerz”, so I hit Ctrl + C when it shows up. Then, select the number that is displayed on your Wi-Fi and press Enter.

In case the command does not issue any Wi-Fi network, it means that your Wi-Fi card does not support monitor mode.

In that case you can get a USB Wi-Fi adapter for around € 30. I recommend Alfa AWUSO36NH, Alfa AWUS036NHA or Realtek RTL8812AU.

Now, the command will start looking for packets exchanged between the router and other clients. This is a long process, you have to wait for a client to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If no one connects to Wi-Fi while the tool is scanning, it will not be able to crack the password.

Once done, Kali Linux intercepts the transaction and captures the packets.

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Once you find the required clients and packages, it begins decrypting the packages and predicting the password. In our case, he was able to decrypt the password. However, the password was a simple word in the English dictionary.

In case you have trouble with the command or it doesn't stop, press Ctrl + C and reboot your system.

The Wi-Fi password is displayed on the terminal similar to the screenshot above. Also, a text file called “cracked.txt” is created in the / home directory with all the details.

Next, we tried to increase the password complexity by typing “qwertyuiop”. The tool was still able to detect the password. In addition, we have included alphanumeric characters and special characters in the password. The tool took a long time to decrypt it and unfortunately couldn't find it.

When finished, the Wi-Fi will not connect to any network as it is still in monitor mode. To connect to a network, you need to reset the Wi-Fi card to managed mode. For this, run the following command.

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

Wifite is a Python script and uses the Aircrack-ng suite internally. Aside from that, it has a couple of pre-requisites. But they all come pre-installed in Kali Linux. For more information, you can visit the GitHub repository.


These were the minimum steps required to crack a WPS password using Kali Linux. These same methods also work on the Parrot OS, which is a similar Debian-based distribution for security analysts. For any additional issues or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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