How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4

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Many video games are designed to be played with high-end headphones, and if you're playing on a console, you'll want to have a pair of wireless headphones. Whether you like to play late into the night and don't want to wake the rest of the house or just want to immerse yourself in the action, here's how to pair Bluetooth headphones to your PS4.

Check Sony's list of PlayStation compatible headphones to see if your headphones are officially compatible with PS3 or PS4. If you haven't purchased a pair of Bluetooth headphones yet and pairing the Bluetooth headphones with your PlayStation is your priority, you should choose an option from that list.

How to pair supported Bluetooth headphones to PS4

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth headset and set it to Pair mode. If you are not sure how to set the headset in Pair mode, please consult the supplied manual.
  2. On PlayStation 4, go to Settings > devices > Bluetooth devices.
  3. Select your compatible headset from the list to pair it with your PS4.If the headset doesn't appear, try resetting the headset or console.
  4. That's all!

How to connect unsupported Bluetooth headphones to PS4

If your Bluetooth headset is not on the officially compatible device list, you may still be able to connect it using a simple workaround. You will need an audio cable with a built-in microphone, included in most Bluetooth headphones.

Even if you follow these steps, not all headphones work with this method.

  1. Connect the headset and PlayStation 4 controller with the aforementioned audio cable, then turn on the headset.
  2. Again, on PlayStation 4, go on Settings > devices > Bluetooth devices. Then, select the name of the headset.
  3. After activating the headset, return to the menu devices and select Audio devices.
  4. Select Output device > Headphone connected to the controller. You will probably need to adjust the volume on this menu as well, using Volume Control (Headphones).
  5. Finally, select Output to Headphones and be sure to select All Audioinstead of Audio chat.
  6. Get into a game and cross your fingers - this process should work with most Bluetooth headphones.

Use a USB adapter to connect the headset to your PS4

There are many USB devices that can be used to connect Bluetooth devices to different things, including the PlayStation 4. Here's how to connect it:

  1. Plug the USB adapter into an available USB port on PlayStation.
  2. Turn on your device so PlayStation 4 can identify it.
  3. From the console, go up Settings > devices > Audio devices.
  4. Select Output device > USB headphones. You will probably need to adjust the volume from this menu as well. It will take some guesswork, but you will probably want to set the volume, at least, halfway.
  5. Select Headphone output, then select All audio.
  6. Load up your favorite game and see if the headset and volume are set where you need them.

If your headset doesn't connect using either of these methods, you'll need to buy another headset.

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