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    How to choose the electronic cigarette: 6 tips

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    Many smokers have decided or decide to say enough to smoke tobacco. For this reason, in order to gradually get to throwing away the cigarette, they are convinced to try the electronic cigarette, created precisely for the purpose of promoting this detoxification process.

    From their birth to today, these devices have changed, they have evolved, so much so that there are many different models on the market, each with its own characteristics or properties.

    What then a smoker must try to understand is which is the electronic cigarette ideal to buy.

    Here's how to do it thanks to 6 tips that help you choose.

    1. First consideration: determine if you are a heavy smoker or not

    Since, each model stands on its own, the first thing you need to do to buy the perfect e-cig for your needs is whether or not you are a heavy smoker.

    In fact, if you are used to smoking a lot cigarettes per day, you should opt for a more powerful electronic cigarette, which in the act of vaping gives you a more intense sensation.

    At the same time you must also orient yourself towards the purchase of nicotine liquids, which initially give the appearance of smoking a common cigarette and which then slowly go away once the level of nicotine in circulation in your body is gradually reduced.

    Conversely if you are a smoker to say "and "light", too"An electronic cigarette of the small ones will be fine, perhaps that allows you to vape a liquid without nicotine, and therefore only acts as an emulator of the act of smoking.

    2. The design

    The aesthetic choice is also important, precisely because today the electronic cigarette it is considered a trendy element, a fashion, a tool that talks about you and your personality.

    A bit like a shirt, a bag or a pair of shoes, the e-cig it must be flaunted, it must be held in the hand, shown to the world.

    Therefore it is important to choose a model that represents you, that suits you and your way of being.

    You must have a device that gives you maximum comfort, but at the same time contributes to giving a well-kept image of you, that of a person who pays attention to details and leaves nothing to chance.

    Of course, we know that using the electronic cigarette is not just a "fact of fashion", as it is undeniable smoke e-cig instead of cigarettes traditional has its 1000 advantages ranging from health to wallet, but choosing a model that is also "beautiful to look at" and maybe paid even at a promotional price, is like the classic icing on the cake.

    3. Battery life and power

    From a technical point of view you cannot take into account the battery of the electronic cigarette, its duration and its power.

    The choice always changes by virtue of whether you are a heavy smoker or not. In fact, if you are one of those who need to continuously vacuum, you will need a powerful model, which is equipped with a durable battery (to avoid being out of the house without a battery, for example).

    However, a good product should always guarantee excellent battery performance.

    The same goes for the discourse of power. It all lies in the use you have to make of the electronic cigarette.

    In fact, if you intend to do the cheek roll, a lighter electronic cigarette is fine, which is only able to enhance the aroma of the liquid you use, and therefore you will not need particular things.

    If, on the other hand, you want to aspirate from the lung, you need a more powerful device that can create a higher amount of vapor, to get it right up to your respiratory system. Usually, the most suitable models for lung shooting are those equipped with powerful batteries.

    4. Maintenance

    For maintenance, you must know that for better or worse all electronic cigarettes need care and attention, even if simpler models require less care.

    Therefore, orient yourself towards a device that is suitable for the time you can devote to cleaning or maintenance (and of course also regulated based on how much you intend to spend on your electronic cigarette.

    The more complex the model, the more maintenance you will need and the more money you will need to replace the parts.

    5. The liquids available

    Aromas, aka liquids, are also a component to take into account when making an electronic cigarette.

    We advise you to try a little of all the liquids that arouse your interest and especially your sense of smell, also try those based on nicotine and tobacco and then move on to those without.

    Only after trying more than one aroma can you select the one that interests your palate the most.

    6. The model

    Currently, as mentioned, there are many types of electronic cigarettes on the market. This does not favor the choice, or at least does not make it easy for those approaching the world of vape for the first time.

    The advice is to avoid getting confused with too many details and to essentially rely on the main types of e-cig, namely:

    • Pen electronic cigarette. In the first case it is the model which has the shape of a pen, thin and long, and which has a simple and essential operation;

    • Small electronic cigarette. In this case they do not have the shape of the pen, but it is still small, formed by the battery at the base and with the rectangular shape. It is the pocket model suitable for everyone;

    • More powerful electronic cigarette. It is the most elaborate, more complex model, ideal to show off due to its attractive design even if less practical to carry with you given its large size, since it has a much larger battery.

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