How to choose the electric massage seat: 9 tips

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Il massage it is one of the many effective ways to relax muscles and relieve tension accumulated throughout the day. However, for those who do not have the time to go to a wellness center and be delighted by the hands of a professional, the purchase of a massage seat.

But how to choose the perfect one massaging backrest? Let's find out with these 9 simple but effective tips. Here are the features you need to evaluate in order not to make a mistake in the choice:


The structure of a massage seat, or more than anything else, ergonomics, is the first factor useful in choosing this device.

It usually features a padded cushion formed by a vertical backrest connected to a horizontal seat.

Aesthetically it is somewhat reminiscent of a car seat. The padding e ergonomics they are used to get the back in the best possible way, and to offer greater comfort.

The comfort of the seat

Referring back to ergonomics, it is also important that the massage seat is comfortable, since the user must sit for whole minutes, and enjoy maximum comfort as well as benefit from the various massages for the time they deem appropriate.

If you want to make sure it's comfortable, opt for a wide and soft seat, with strategically placed pads to provide pleasant and stable support for the whole body.


When choosing a massage seat you have to consider what function you expect to have from the device. In general, the types of massages that can be performed make the difference. Give it Shiatsu al vibrating massage, passing through the sliding ones, the massages that the seat will give you will make the difference in terms of purchase convenience.

From this point of view it should be noted that if you choose cheaper models, the functions present in the massage seats are limited, while the more sophisticated ones have more specific functions.

The timer and automatic programs

The presence of the timer and automatic programs is another factor to take into account when choosing a massage backrest.

As a rule, more expensive and complete models, allow you to select the duration of the massage, usually choosing from three different options.

In addition, they also have a variable number of preset programs. Thanks to the special button, the massage seat will determine the duration and intensity of the movement of the massage balls.

The type of programs includes several variables, for example there are programs set according to the type of massage to be performed, others based on the duration and still others based on the area to be treated.

Intensity adjustment

The massage seats must have a selector of the intensity of the movement to vary the strength of the massage according to the preferences of each one.

In this way, depending on the specific needs of your muscles or your body, it will be possible to adjust the treatment, making it more or less sensitive on the area to be massage.

Again with the adjustment buttons, you should also be able to select which point of the body you want to focus the massaging action on. The most common option is the one that allows massage in three areas, back, shoulders and buttocks.

The type of spheres

The massage that the seat it delivers is produced by some spheres that are inside it and whose movement generates the benefit and pleasure for our body.

If you want to buy an ad hoc model, also consider what type of massage beads are inside. Depending on the quality of the same, the effectiveness and quality of the treatment changes and also affects its final cost.

The materials

For a long-lasting massage seat that will withstand use, you need to select a model made from quality materials that are also easy to wash.

We recommend both popular models with removable covers and models made of water resistant coating and continually sitting and rubbing on surfaces.

Waterproof materials are the ones that deserve more consideration, because they can be rinsed with a cloth without the risk of compromising the correct functioning of the appliance or leaving water or detergent streaks.

Seat refill

Depending on where you want to use the massage seat, you will have to go for devices with seat charging located on chairs, armchairs or sofas.

In fact, these charging methods provide for a traditional power outlet. Alternatively, you can also buy portable car seats, which have the connection compatible with the car's cigarette lighter: these are the models designed for all those who want to find relief during the hours they spend behind the wheel.

For the more sophisticated there are also “hybrid” products, which have a double connection and can therefore be used both at home and in the car.

The price

The price of the massage seat is very important and varies according to the model you will favor.

There are cheap models that can cost around thirty euros, and very sophisticated models that cost over two hundred euros. Such a high price variation depends on the features that the device presents such as functions and materials.

In any case, it represents a good investment, as today many users consider it a good economic alternative to massage chairs, which cost more than double these products as they are also furnishing components.

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