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    How to archive, delete and restore your Microsoft Teams account

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    Microsoft Teams is great for team collaboration as it allows you to create and join multiple teams and organizations. Quite often, you would like to test some things and features before announcing it to the rest of the team or organization to use it. And after a while you won't want to use the other account anymore. Deleting would be an obvious choice, but you can also archive it so you can reuse it later by restoring it. We will show you how to archive, delete and restore your Microsoft Teams account in this post.

    But you can also archive it. This will allow you to log in or activate it again if you need it. Let's see how to do it in detail below.

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    How to remove Microsoft 365 Teams Free ORG

    There are two types of Teams accounts. One is the free 365 Teams organization that we will talk about now and the other is the regular free Teams account which we will talk about later.

    We will start with the team members and remove them first and then take it from there.

    How to remove members from your Teams account

    Step 1: Click your profile photo on the right and select Manage Organization.

    Step 2: A list of all members who are part of the organization will be displayed on the Members tab. Click the x icon to the right to remove them from the team.

    How to find the administrator's email address

    We need it for verification when deleting your account.

    The admin email address is part of your Azure account. Go to Groups> Groups I Own and your admin email ID should be on the right hand side.

    How to reset your password

    You need to reset your password before you can move on. Visit Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

    Step 1: you will be asked to enter your account password, but instead, you will select the I forgot my password link to start the reset process.

    Step 2: enter the administrator email ID found in the previous step. You should have received a verification code in the email. Use it to reset your password.

    Elimina directory in Azure

    Step 1: Open the Azure portal and click the menu icon to select Azure Active Directory.

    Step 2: do click the Delete Directory button at the top, but there are some verification checks that you will need to complete to complete the deletion process.

    Step 3: follow the links in the Action Required column and pass all checks. You can skip the verification of subscriptions.

    Step 4: you have to cancel your subscription last. Follow the steps to undo first and then delete the directory. The process will take up to 72 hours. Go back to the Azure portal> Azure Active Directory and select Delete directory.

    Make sure all check marks are green. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

    How to delete Microsoft Teams account

    The steps are much easier for deleting your regular Teams account.

    Step 1: open your Teams account and log in using your login details. Click the Team button on the left and select Settings below.

    Step 2: do Click the three-dot menu icon next to the name of the team you want to delete and select the Delete team option.

    You will have a maximum of 30 days to restore the team.

    How to archive and restore your Microsoft Teams account

    Deleting a Microsoft Teams account is more permanent in nature. Maybe you can archive it instead? That way, there is always an option to restore it later if you need it. We will also discuss how to do this.

    Open Microsoft Teams, click the gear icon to open Settings, select the three-dot menu icon next to the team name, and select Archive.

    A pop-up pops up and will ask for confirmation. Click Check In.

    Follow the same steps but this time select Restore from the menu to restore the archived Microsoft Teams account.

    Working with Teams

    While the steps to delete, archive, and restore your Microsoft Teams account are pretty straightforward, the same can't be said for the free Teams organization account. There are many steps to take, and some steps make the process take longer than necessary. But it is, and I guess part of the reason is that it's logged into your Microsoft 365 account. Anyway, now you know what to do.

    Microsoft Teams is popular with users of the Office suite and those who are deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. For the rest of the world, which needs a video calling and conferencing app, it's overkill. Zoom or Google Meet are a much better option. They don't offer project management features like Teams. So, choose wisely according to your needs.

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