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    How does the Immuni app work and where can you download it?

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    Let's find out how the Immuni app works. Starting from June 2020, XNUMX, the long-awaited Immuni App was officially made available with free download from the Apple Store for mobile devices with iOS operating system and from the Google Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

    Although there were some small technical problems that slowed down its diffusion, today it is possible to download this program from tracking for Coronavirus infections that are registered in our country.

    How does the Immuni app work and where can you download it?

    After a "race" between this and other applications proposed by various companies, the company triumphed Bending spoons therefore rewarded for its commitment and for the realization of an ad hoc program by the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano and by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

    To want an application that could warn potentially infected users as soon as possible, even when only asymptomatic, it was our government that had entrusted the task of selecting the program to the task force led by Vittorio Colao and Domenico Arcuri.

    Indeed, this should be an indispensable tool for managing the emergency and apparently to date it has already been downloaded over 2 million times in the pilot regions chosen to test it.

    What is the purpose of the Immuni app and privacy issue

    Before seeing in detail how to download and how the App in question works, let's understand what is it for basically this new application for mobile devices.

    immune was born with the aim of keeping track of the infections that occur in Spain every day. Not only is there a section dedicated to travel within the App, but there is also a window that acts as a virtual medical record of individuals. For now, this last feature does not seem to work yet, but this entry will also be perfected in the upcoming updates.

    How is tracking done?

    Il tracking takes place through the Bluetooth system (and not through the GPS), a decision in line with the rules imposed by Europe on privacy.

    We remind you that even when the application will be available throughout Spain, the user will not have the obligation to download it, but it is a choice at the discretion of the individual.

    In confirmation of what has been said, the words of Domenico Arcuri and the Premier Conte who reiterated the discretion for the Spaniards to use Immunes only if they deem it appropriate.

    It is no coincidence that the same Conte has ruled out the possibility of limiting travel for those who decide not to download on their mobile device.

    Immune app: how and where to download

    As we have already anticipated, the Immuni application is available on the two main stores, Google Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS, as early as June 1st.

    Some users have already reported the arrival of emails concerning the application in question, but which in reality turn out to be viruses (you can learn more about the topic on, so the only care you need to have in using the software concerns the possible receipt of these malicious messages.

    All that remains is to connect to your store and download. For the owners of Huawei devices, the technicians are working to make the program also available on the App Gallery (this obviously applies only to the latest generation models that came out between 2022 and 2020. All the others can easily draw on the Google Store. ).

    However, after identifying the app, all you have to do is open it and follow the simple instructions for configuration.

    How does the Immuni app work?

    The Immuni App is a program divided into two parts: the tracking and the virtual medical record.

    • As far as tracking is concerned, the application uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is a low consumption version of this connectivity mode. In this way, it is possible to determine if there are two smartphones within one meter. Using this system, the application keeps in its data archive (each user will have one) a list of anonymous identification codes of all the other devices to which it has been close within a certain period. In the event that, for any reason, the user has to be tested on Covid, with a code the citizen can have access to these alphanumeric strings sent from his app to other smartphones and download them on a cloud server. In turn, this cloud server will circulate the strings received on the applications of others so as to allow individual smartphones to perform the calculation for each identifier and the risk of exposure to infection. In this sense, some parameters such as physical proximity and time will be exploited, generating a list of the users most at risk to whom it is possible to send a notification on the smartphone. The server, therefore, never has knowledge of the encounters between users.

    • The second function is not yet active for now, but will be made available shortly. It basically concerns the possibility for each user to enter relevant information concerning his health, just as if it were a virtual medical record. This is in order to possibly create an alarm bell in case of Coronavirus symptoms.

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