Has Huawei put the Mate and P series on sale? Here is the official communication

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The new week starts with a bombshell news coming directly from China and which would concern the Shenzen technology giant, Huawei, which according to sources close to the company would be initiating talks with potential buyers for the sale of P and Mate smartphones. Has the company decided to definitively exit the top-of-the-range device market?

According to the indiscretions released by a couple of sources, considered to be profound connoisseurs of the story, Huawei has been negotiating for months with a consortium led by some investment companies supported by the Shanghai government, of which no references have been released as they are top secret.

Huawei would have started exploring internally the possibility of selling the brands as early as last September, but the company is not yet ready to make a final decision on what to do, with deals not expected to close any time soon. The company would in fact be understanding how many are the chances of being able to continue to internally produce its high-end Kirin chips that can be used on the brand's next devices.

If this news were confirmed, it would be the second illustrious sale in a few months, after the one relating to the other Honor brand, sold to a consortium of 30 operators. Behind this choice there would be the now well-known story linked to the marketing difficulties with US suppliers, following the ban wanted by the Trump administration and which is causing many headaches, especially from an economic point of view and the development of future products. , to Huawei.

The rumors about it have become more and more intense in recent hours, so much so that the Chinese giant has to issue a statement, taking a firm position on what has been published on the net.

“Huawei has learned that there are unfounded rumors about the possible sale of our top-of-the-range smartphone brands. Huawei has never considered this possibility, on the contrary it remains fully committed to this sector and wants to continue to offer the best user experience for its products to customers all over the world ”, a company executive said.

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The Shanghai government also wanted to make things clear, stating that not be aware of the affair and refusing to make further statements in this regard. The situation is therefore constantly evolving, but certainly this news could confirm what until yesterday was a presentiment, namely that even the next Biden management would not foresee an easing of the restrictions imposed starting from May 2019 by the previous governor.

Sources close to Huawei reported that Shanghai government-backed investment firms could form a real consortium developed ad hoc to take over the P and Mate brands, with Huawei which could however continue to manage the development team of the two series, even if the agreement were to be successful.

That's not all, in fact, the earnings behind the sale of Honor would also have been revealed, which would have earned Huawei over 100 billion Yuan, or more than 12 billion euros, a figure that the same company did not want to comment. It should be noted that Huawei has always stated that behind the sale of the Honor brand there was only the need to keep the brand alive, put at risk by the sanctions inflicted by the US itself and not an economic issue. Reason why, a similar choice could be adopted to ensure continuity in the development of these series, which are severely tested by the lack of supplies for the chips.

The P and Mate series of phones are among the most successful and appreciated in the entire panorama of high-end smartphones not only in China but also in our part, accounting for 40% of Huawei's total sales in the third quarter of 2020, unlike those for 2021 expected to decline sharply. We will therefore see if these advances will soon turn into reality or will remain only speculations.

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