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Halloween is finally here, and for us gamers it is always a somewhat particular moment of the year. A whole series of elements – from increasingly shorter days to a weather that often lends itself to creating the right atmosphere – make this period the best time ever to experience certain experiences… Even from a videogame point of view.

Just as there are perfect films and readings to better enjoy the Halloween party, we find at the same time dozens and dozens of video games suitable to accompany your days of terror. The following is our selection of the best horror video games ever, and there really is something for all tastes: from timeless classics to some really interesting news, are you ready?

resident evil

Let's start with what is perhaps the most "obvious" franchise to include in such a list... But let's not forget that we are still talking about the best horror video games ever! resident evil it is in fact an institution: a saga which, after years of ups and downs, has finally been reborn thanks to a series of operations managed almost perfectly by Capcom.

The series created by Shinji Mikami really still has a lot to give both to those who already know it and to those who, for one reason or another, have not yet had the opportunity to discover it. For this Halloween we recommend what is perhaps the scariest experience of the entire franchise: that Resident Evil 7 which marked the great return of the saga, with a different approach but capable of involving and terrorizing players from all over the world.

Silent Hill

Let's move on to another saga that defined the horror genre but which, unfortunately, has almost completely disappeared in recent years… Until a few days ago! Silent Hill is one of the most important franchises in the history of this genre, and we at Game Division can't wait to see it – finally! – at the arrival of the many new chapters that will enrich the series.

An experience that deserves to be (re)discovered is undoubtedly the controversial fourth chapter: a game that at the time was criticized for being too detached from the standards of the series, but which manages to tell a very deep story in a completely only. Of note is the inevitable soundtrack by the master Akira Yamaoka: melodies capable of giving life to the perfect atmosphere to accompany the player, step by step, on a frightening journey into the mind of our protagonist.

The Evil Within

Another round, another work by Shinji Mikami. The Evil Within it is a title perhaps too underestimated but which, even after a few years, still represents one of the best horror experiences of the last decade. In the two chapters of the series we will take on the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos, grappling with supernatural forces and with a trail of terror and destruction on which he absolutely must and wants to shed light.

All seasoned with a series of elements that go to create a really well done work: from the character design, with creatures capable of terrorizing the player thanks to a thousand frightening details, to a soundtrack and many other tricks that lead to a mosaic of pure angst. The Evil Within 1 and 2 are also available on Xbox Game Pass, will you dare to try them?

Alien: isolation

If you are also a fan of the Alien universe, this game is exactly the experience for you. Set years after the events of the first film, this 2014 adventure puts us in the shoes of Amanda Ripley – daughter of Ellen – in the village of the Sevastopol space station: once on board, the girl will immediately realize the presence of a dangerous Xenomorph intent on exterminating the entire crew.

Alien: Isolation is an extremely immersive product, with the first person view to make this experience of pure terror even more engaging. In fact, our protagonist will be practically powerless in the face of the fearsome Xenomorph, and she will therefore have to study alternative solutions - sometimes even ingenious - to overcome the threat and save the space station. An honorable mention must be made to Artificial Intelligence, with the alien able to detect Ellen's movements and noises… And our protagonist who always has to pay the utmost attention.

Dead Space

There are few horror titles that can boast the impact, culturally and beyond, that a masterpiece like Dead Space: Released in 2008, the first chapter was moreover and in all probability the magnum opus of Visceral Games. Here we will take on the role of engineer Isaac Clark, in a world devastated by the now unsustainable use of resources by human beings: extinction is now running its course, and our protagonist is sent on a space ship in search of solutions.

However, the crew will be attacked by the frightening Necromorphs, in all probability among the most horrendous creatures ever faced in a video game: the imperative at this point becomes to survive, fleeing in the face of a constant threat that seems to have no way out. In short, if you want to live an experience of true terror, find the Dead Space trilogy in the Game Pass catalog. Without forgetting that, next January, we will finally be able to get our hands on the long-awaited remake by Motive Studio… And we can't wait!

Little Nightmares

One of the most disturbing experiences ever conceived, at least when it comes to video games. At first glance Little Nightmares might seem like a simple platformer with puzzle elements, but the reality is that the Tarsier Studios title is a real journey of anguish.

In the first chapter, released in 2017, we will find ourselves in the role of Six: a nine-year-old girl who finds herself inside an underwater resort ship, called Le Fauci. She will begin her journey here in search of an escape route, but things will not be simple at all: at every level our protagonist's mental health will be undermined by the presence of some creatures, which in fact represent some of the worst recurring nightmares of the human psyche. An ingenious concept, which we absolutely recommend you discover as soon as possible. If you dare, of course.

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

We close with a gem directly from the past: an experience dated 1995 and taken from a 1968 story written by Harlan Ellison, which responds to the name of I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream. Developed by The Dreamers Guild, this graphic adventure takes us to a world where the most powerful nations on Earth build the Artificial Intelligence AM (Allied Mastercomputer) to be able to face the ever more frightening world wars.

Once it has developed its own conscience, AM will exterminate all the population with the exception of five people: it will be up to us to take on the role of the last survivors and try, with our decisions, to avoid the complete extinction of the human race. I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream is a classic of the graphic adventure genre as well as a real nightmare for every player: it is in fact a product with an atmosphere with attention to the smallest details, to create an experience of true terror suitable for a night like Halloween.

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