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On the occasion of this year's Paris Games Week and taking advantage of the Sony Playstation invitation (which we thank again for the occasion) we were able to get a taste (first during the Playstation conference and then thanks to a presentation behind closed doors) of Gravity Rush 2, sequel to the original Gravity Rush released in 2012 on PlayStation Vita. What follows then are our first impressions based on what we could see (and hear from the mouth of Keichiiro Toyama, director of the series).


Gravity style (s)

Compared to the original, which in any case will be re-proposed during the next year on PlayStation 4 in Remastered version (with all the necessary technical updates), the second chapter of the adventures of Cat it was immediately designed for Sony's home console: consequently the developers were able to create not only a much more detailed product from a technical point of view, but as we will soon see also richer in terms of interaction and content. Compared to the first chapter Gravity Rush 2, in addition to the simple visual update, while taking up the style halfway between the Japanese manga and the French comic, it is decidedly more lively from the point of view of colors, going to create a much less "picture" decadent (this is the expression used by Toyama) and more "cheerful".

As in the original, we find ourselves impersonating Kat, a mysterious girl with the power to manipulate gravity. But compared to the first portable excursion of the series this time the heroine has more sophisticated skills at her disposal: in addition to the absence of gravity Kat is in fact able to use two new "Gravity Style". Swiping a finger on the touchpad of DualShock 4 upwards will activate the Lunar Style, which will affect the movements of the protagonist (and her moveset) making her much faster and allowing her to jump higher without having to use gravity to float. With the Lunar Style he activated the Gravity Kick, Kat's "signature move", becomes a Wormhole Kick, allowing it to hit almost instantaneously enemies outside the range of the normal gravity kick. Scrolling down instead activates the Jupiter Style, which basically behaves exactly the opposite: the movements are decidedly slower due to the increase in gravity, but on the other hand the amount of damage that can be inflicted in this state is bound to rise dramatically. The same thing happens to the Gravity Kick, which in this stage practically generates a sort of shock wave on impact that hits the whole surrounding area, making a clean sweep of the enemies involved (during the tutorial played live in front of the press this technique allowed to immediately delete all Nevi present in the area). The Jupiter Style also allows you to pile up the objects of the scenario that are captured by Kat's stasis field, going to enhance this aspect as well. Where in the first chapter the objects "collected" in this way could simply be thrown at the target of the moment, now they can literally pile up, forming a sort of sphere of more or less generous dimensions that inevitably turns out to be more destructive. Finally, there is the possibility of performing combined moves together with Raven (Kat's enemy in the previous title but now her ally), who in some sections of the game can intervene to help the player by letting himself be controlled by the AI.


More things to do

As mentioned at the beginning, Gravity Rush 2 has grown compared to the first chapter also in terms of content: Kat can now interact more with the people she meets on the street, thanks to a series of predefined actions and the ability to take photos and selfies, also by changing the position of the objects present. Taking into account all the playful package (which in addition to the main and secondary missions also includes time attack challenges) there is talk of an increase of practically three times compared to the chapter for PlayStation Vita, with the map that more or less aligns with the upgrade and becomes two and a half times larger. Unfortunately from this point of view we have not seen much beyond the tutorial and a boss fight, so it will certainly be an aspect that will be verified once the title is available: the promise in any case is that of a longevity ranging from 20 to 40 hours, definitely more appropriate than the original.

Even if the title is, as reiterated by the developers, designed for the single player (thus excluding the introduction of a cooperative mode in which one player impersonates Kat and the other Raven) there will be some outline online aspects, which will allow you to compare your friends' progress and achievements and send them the aforementioned photos.

Comment Also due to the excellent work done on the first Gravity Rush, which is still one of the (unfortunately few) must buy on Playstation Vita today, Gravity Rush 2 promises to be an excellent exclusive for Playstation 4. What we have been able to see up to at this moment it is certainly promising, even if most of the aspects "smelled" these days will have to be verified once the game hits the shelves. Pros and cons Visually appealing
The three Gravity Styles mix the cards on the table
More content ... x ... The substance of which will have to be evaluated
x No co-op mode

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