God of War Ragnarok will have a rather generous duration

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Santa Monica is now ready to launch God of War Ragnarok, a new chapter in the Norse saga that brings Kratos back to the unusual role of father compared to the original trilogy. The anticipation for the title is certainly very high and many players are wondering how long the game will last. Given the rather large size of the game map, judging by what we can see in the materials released so far, the expectations are quite high.

  • To give an accurate estimate of the longevity for Santa Monica's new work was provided by IGN USA which, in the latest episode of its Beyond podcast, revealed how long it will take to reach 100% completion in God of War Ragnarok. According to what was reported during the episode, in fact, the game should require more than seventy hours of play to reveal all the secrets and complete all the missions. This is a decidedly generous duration, far superior even to the first chapter of 2018.

    The first God of War of the Norse saga, in fact, boasts a longevity that is around fifty hours of play to get 100% and reach Platinum. God of War Ragnarok, therefore, will give players something like 50% more in terms of hours of play. Of course, this translates into more side-activities and probably a rather generous main story as well.

    Furthermore, within the podcast, there was also talk of the graphic aspect of God of War Ragnarok. According to the opinions of the guests, the new Santa Monica title would not be revolutionary from this point of view. However, if we consider the already excellent results of the first chapter, it is quite probable that the visual sector of this sequel still knows how to give interesting glimpses for fans. Finally, we remind you that the title, which you can book on Amazon, will arrive on the market starting November 9, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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