Ghost of Tsushima like Resident Evil: for an ex-Capcom they are similar

The success of Ghost of Tsushima globally it has given food for thought to many experts in the sector, recognizing in this project a value that goes far beyond the monetary results achieved. Recently Hiroyuki Kobayashi, a former Capcom producer, started thinking about this video game and his own impact general market level and global perception, comparing it to resident evil.

Ghost of Tsushima Immagini

Structurally and narratively Ghost of Tsushima and Resident Evil are obviously very different. Also because the strengths of the first (open world with enormous possibilities for exploration in a historical context far from the present) are very different from those that have characterized the commercial history of the second. Kobayashi, in fact, in his reasoning does not compare the two products from a technical point of view, but cultural.

Just as Capcom managed to create a title with American narrative and aesthetic characteristics, in Japan, breaking through all over the world, Sucker Punch also managed to create a game set in ancient Japan, with an entirely American team, breaking the production boundaries and receiving unanimous acceptance even outside America itself.

These were his words regarding Ghost of Tsushima reported by “As a game about Japan made by non-Japanese developers, Ghost of Tsushima reminded me of how we at Capcom, as Japanese developers, with Resident Evil, made a horror game set in the United States. At the time, many must have found it surprising that Japanese developers made it. I think that such a dynamic demonstrates how the nation or culture on which you base your game and belonging doesn't count, because you will always have a chance of success, at least as long as you continue to seriously study the subject in question, putting your heart into it".

Going further Ghost of Tsushima for a moment, we are still talking about a producer who made the history of the medium itself. Among other things, Kobayashi has worked on the first two Resident Evils, Dino Crisis, the first Devil May Cry and many other recent projects.

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