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    Genshin Impact: how to level up quickly

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    In this short guide of ours, we want to explain how to quickly level up in Genshin Impact, without having to spend hours and hours "grinding" monsters. 

    Genshin Impact has been out for a few days and we are proud to tell you that… we are locked in the game. Literally, it is not the case that we tell you how many hours we have already spent in the title of miHoYo. We start very well! The inspiration for Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is as clear as it is curated, resulting, in the end, by no means unpleasant. We will go slowly to address the various game mechanics in various themed guides, just give us time to flesh out the game to give you the best possible content. We have already talked to you about how to quickly increase your Adventure Rank, which is essential both for unlocking new missions and for the multiplayer co-op mode, and in this new guide we want to talk to you about something parallel. Your character's level. 

    How to level up, what silly questions

    How to level up in Genshin Impact? Considering that it is an action-jrpg, the answer should be very simple and immediate: destroying loads of monsters. This, however, isn't exactly the best solution if you don't want to age in the title. Killing the various, colorful monsters that you will find in the extensive game map, in fact, will guarantee you yes and no a handful of experience points. You will realize from the beginning that this is not, according to the game economy, the best way to quickly upgrade your characters. So? How to do? We will explain it to you immediately. 

    … or maybe not? - Genshin Impact: how to quickly level up 

    The best way to quickly level up in Genshin Impact is use the so-called Character Exp Material. You can use this feature under the Character menu item and use your materials on all the characters you get, whether it's by storyline or through the gatcha. Using them will cost you a certain amount of Blackberry, the game coin that you can easily get by killing monsters and completing missions of various kinds. 

    Below is the list of the three materials available for now to quickly increase your character level in Genshin Impact. For each material, we will also list the experience you will gain using it and how much it will cost you: 

    • Traveler’s Experience
      Experience gained: 1000 exp points; 
      Late payment required: 150.
    • Adventurer's Experience
      Experience gained: 5000 exp; 
      Late payment required: 750. 
    • Hero’s Experience
      Experience gained: 20000 exp; 
    • Late payment required: 3000.

    How to get the Character Exp Materials? - Genshin Impact: how to quickly level up 

    How to get the various materials? Very simple: playing. You will find them by opening chests, inside the various dungeons or as rewards for completing side missions or main storyline. You can also get them by defeating monsters, or by meeting various NPCs scattered around the game map. You just have to keep exploring, fighting and poking around everywhere. This way you will really accumulate an impressive amount, especially in the early stages of the game. 

    Ascension - Genshin Impact: how to quickly level up 

    In this guide we would also like to mention the concept of Ascension, for which however we will prepare a special guide with all the necessary materials for each character. Once you reach level 20, you will stumble upon the first Level Cap of the game and you will necessarily have to Ascend your character, before you can continue to upgrade it. We assume that you will unlock the ability to make the first Ascension at Adventure Rank 15, so also worry about increasing that level. 

    In the current version 1.0 of Genshin Impact there are only two levels of Ascension out of six total for each character. The first level cap is, as we have said, 20, and will allow you to then develop your character up to level 40. The second level cap is placed at level 40 and will grant you another 10 levels, up to level 50. The following Ascension levels are still work in progress, so we'll see how far we can take our heroes. As said, we'll cover Ascension better in another guide, so stay with us! 

    Have fun! 

    Here ends our short guide on how to quickly level up in Genshin Impact. Are you playing the miHoYo title? What do you think? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! 

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