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One of the most important aspects in a videogame work is undoubtedly the audio. Each gamer has their own preferred way of enjoying this entertainment medium, and the aural aspect can change in many ways depending on the device that the individual player decides to add to their experience. Among the groups of enthusiasts there are several users who prefer to play with the earphones from gaming for different needs, and online now you can find a whole series of products of different workmanship and quality.

When approaching the purchase of a gaming headset model, it is right to pay attention to some features. Although the models currently on the market are very similar to each other, the various manufacturers differ in small details that can make the difference from player to player. There are those who prefer a knurled wire that avoids annoying tangles, or those who appreciate the sensation that rubber pads give to the touch. Furthermore, the importance of the presence of a microphone should be underlined if you love to play competitive or cooperative online titles.

Headphones are still in great demand, although for several years headset-style headphones have been cleared everywhere (at this address you will find the best headphones for Xbox One). On the market, in fact, you can find earphones of different quality and suitable for practically all budgets. In this guide, we will provide you with some of the best earphones suitable for gaming on any gaming platform.

Best gaming earphones

  • Sony MDR
  • AzukiLife
  • KZ ZS10 Pro
  • Sennheiser IE 300

Sony earphones Mdr

Let's start with a pair of earphones suitable for all budgets. With the Sony Mdr you will have at your side a pair of super versatile earphones suitable for any occasion. Thanks to the customizable earpads of different sizes, the single earpiece can be perfectly adapted to your ear, allowing you to hear the game audio at its best and to isolate the noises that arrive outside the game without too many problems. With a minimal expense you can take home a pair of good quality earphones that are beautiful to look at on every occasion.

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We stay on a fairly low budget and suitable for everyone with BEYOND GAMES. This pair of bi-color earphones feature total ergonomics thanks to their lightness and the customization of the individual earpads. To this we add crystal clear audio, capable of making you distinguish the differences in tone from the various moments of the game without too many problems, even the most excited ones. In addition to this, these headphones also have a built-in microphone, thanks to which you can interact within the various voice chats of your favorite online games.

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AzukiLife earphones

Let's move on to a second type of low budget earphones with the model AzukiLife. These headphones, unlike the first two previous models, do not have customizable bearings but thanks to their particular shape they are easily adapted to all types of ear pads. In addition, this pair of earphones feature technology that allows noise cancellation, which gives a greater impact to game audio and all the sound effects present in the game, as well as a knurled wire that does not go to create annoying tangles. Finally, also in this case, there is a microphone for collaborating in teams in online games.

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KZ ZS10 Pro

Best gaming earphones

If you are looking for an earphone out of the ordinary, especially as regards its design, your choice can only fall on the KZ ZS10 Pro. It is a pair of excellent quality earphones and made in a solid way both in the external and internal components. In addition, this product features as many as four balanced armature drivers and 1 piece of second generation 10mm magnetic dynamic driver. This allows you to feel a great bass range in both music and gaming sessions.

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Sennheiser IE 300

Best gaming earphones

Among the best earphone and headphone brands is Sennheiser. The products of this brand are always at the top of the quality and durability, and the IE 300 model is also one of the top of the range in terms of earphones. Suitable for both listening to music and for gaming sessions, these headphones are among the absolute best that can be found on the market. The price is not among the lowest, but if you are always looking for a top-level audio experience, you can do nothing but buy these earphones Sennheiser IE 300.

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How to choose gaming headsets

Being suitable for multiple uses, the earphones can also be used to enjoy a gaming session on any existing gaming platform on the market. Unlike a headset, earphones have fewer features to keep up with but it is fair to mention the functions that can make the different models on the market unique.

Precisely for this reason and to help you find the perfect product for your needs, we have decided to draw up a small guide by sections below, which can help you and guide you in your choice, as well as in all those characteristics that distinguish the world of earphones. from gaming. In short, a small handbook to consult in order to better orient yourself in your decision-making process.

What is the difference between headphones and earphones?

As always, it is good and right to start from the basics and never take anything for granted. Although for many it might seem like a trivial and almost obvious question, doing a little refresher on the difference between headphones and earphones can do nothing but good.

Both types of product, in fact, are used to listen to music or any other sound content and have similar technical characteristics, such as audio drivers for example, but are distinguished by strong design differences. Headphones, which were born much earlier than earphones, are in fact usually made up of two pavilions connected to each other by a headband, usually to be placed over the head. The earphones, on the other hand, are characterized by two distinct speakers, not connected by any headband. Furthermore, the headphones are positioned externally to the ears, as if to cover them, while the earphones are inserted into the ear canal.

One of the most positive and sought after features of earphones is indeed their own their size, which allows you to take your favorite headphones anywhere so you can play on the go with maximum comfort, without sacrificing audio quality.

Customizable bearings

Many modern earphones feature earphones rubber bearings detachable and customizable. Each model that has this feature (usually) includes at least a couple of extra bearings in the package to be interchanged. The dimensions of these supports change to better adapt to the individual's ear, so as to always provide optimal audio quality and isolation from external noise.

We know very well that not everyone appreciates this feature in earphones, but if you are a fan of rubber bearings, know that on Amazon you can find a large variety of spare parts sold individually or in large numbers. In the vast majority of cases these bearings can be adapted easily and without problems to all types of headphones, but what you need to keep an eye on before buying is the size of these products. Each auricle is different, and therefore it is necessary to understand which size best suits your needs.

Noise cancellation

Even some earphone models, to date, have the technology noise cancellation. Thanks to this, anyone who purchases a model with this feature can feel confident that they will always receive superior audio quality. By limiting all ambient noise that comes externally, the listener can focus more on what he is listening to during a game.


Just like many headsets, earphones can also have a integrated microphone. We are certainly not talking about great performances, but if you love to take part in online gaming sessions, a way to be able to communicate with your teammates is always useful.

It is clear that excellent quality should not be expected in the microphone of a pair of earphones, but even in this case the more quality the product, the more satisfaction you will find in using the microphone. Furthermore, these are usually microphones located on a part of the cable approximately at the height of the headset, and for this reason your voice will not always be recorded with extreme precision or with clean audio.


When drafting such a buying guide it is always important to talk about different brands that can be found on the market. There are several earphones and each brand has its own characteristics and for this reason it is important to understand which ones are the best and what they have more than products that can be defined as "minor".

Inside the guide is a headset for every pocket and just in case. We go from the cheapest Sony products, but with more than excellent quality, up to earphones with very high prices. Precisely this last category offers an audio quality and in the components that make up the product of the highest level that justify every penny that you can spend on it.


To immediately reconnect with the brand issue, a quick review should also be made on prices with which the various earphones in this guide are sold. As already mentioned, we have examined a variety of products that can satisfy every budget, and for this reason it should be emphasized what can change between one product and another in this article.

The earphones that are on sale can start from very low prices, even less than 10€, but also reaching very high budgets. The interesting thing is that even everything in between can easily be taken into consideration. As always, everything must be weighed on personal needs and on how much one is willing to spend to bring home a perfect headset not only for listening to music, but also for gaming sessions.

The importance of materials

Whether you are looking for cheap earphones or not, our advice is always to pay close attention to the materials with which the various headphones on the market are produced. It is important to look for solid earphones that can last over time, but above all it is the wire which makes the real difference.

In fact, it often happens that the earphones get twisted in complex skeins to be solved. This could cause various problems or breakages in the long run, so if you usually use a pair of earphones we strongly recommend products with knurled filaments. This choice limits the creation of annoying tangles without any feedback on the proposed sound quality.

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