GameDivision, the video game editorial team lands on YouTube!

GameDivision, the video game section of Tom's Hardware, has faced an important editorial evolution over the last 5 years (have it already been 5 years? Wow), increasing its authority, numbers and laying the foundations for a community that loves video games and appreciate the way we treat them.

After several milestones achieved, now it's time to start a new path which will lead the vertical of video games to fundamental changes and innovations that will change the vision of our reality, not only in the present but also and above all in the near future, especially from 2023.

  • There will be time and a way to tell you about what we have in mind to build on an editorial level next year; with important graphic and technical differences which, however, we cannot mention yet, but which will include major improvements in terms of quality, type of news and articles. In addition to this, a clear indication of our focus, which will certainly not lose its commitment to console gaming, but which however will begin to focus more on PC Gaming and everything that is part of it: peripherals, video games, clients, settings, guides.

    What we want to announce today concerns the first step of this path, the foundation stone that will lead GameDivision to its own communicative independence, capable not only of giving more prominence to the entire videogame component but also of more clearly detaching the various vertical compartments of Tom's Hardware.

    Starting today, GameDivision will have its own official Instagram channel, TikTok and above all a YouTube channel owner who will have original and creative content, developed by a young team, ready and open to listening to feedback of any kind, so that together we can build something important and above all that can meet everyone's needs.

    Instagram channel

    GameDivision Instagram channel -> Click here to sign up

    Our Instagram channel is designed to show you more closely the products arriving at the editorial office: press kits, controllers, special peripherals, consoles and so on. In addition to this, various reels and creative content, mini reviews, surveys, quizzes and photo/video stories about our business travels.

    What will you find

    • Reel on products, news and curiosities
    • Product photos: peripherals, press kits and video games
    • Screen and virtual photography of current videogames
    • Polls and Quizzes
    • Photos and updates from the press tours

    What you will NOT find

    • Textual news

    Youtube channel

    Game Division YouTube channel -> Click here to sign up

    The YouTube channel is a bet on which we strongly want to bet. We have always thought of wanting to create our own environment where we can talk about video games without restrictions and with a more vertical audience. Our intent is to try to give users something new, perhaps aiming for experimental videos and out-of-the-ordinary ideas, so as not to represent another mere editorial title, but something more familiar, but which can still maintain a level of incisive criticism.

    What will you find

    • Shorts of the main news and curiosities
    • Video discussions on current topics and more
    • Video game guides
    • PC game reviews and previews
    • Technical analysis of PC games
    • Video your gaming peripherals PC/Console
    • Dedicated live shows and greater contact with the gaming editorial staff

    What you will NOT find

    • No trailers uploaded
    • No classic video news
    • No reviews of video games outside the PC world

    Channel TikTok

    GameDivision's TikTok channel -> Click here to sign up

    The TikTok channel is designed to be a grouping of the reels of the moment, as well as the place to find a little more of our everyday life in the office and outside.

    Telegram Group

    GameDivision Telegram channel -> Click here to sign up

    The perfect channel for those who want to stay in contact with the editorial staff: ask questions, discuss, give feedback and be informed about upcoming content, perhaps providing exclusive information on what has been tried (clearly post embargo) and further insights on some topics in more informal way.

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