Game & Wario Review

Just a week ago we told you a preview of Game & Wario, a new chapter dedicated to the crazy gang of Wario, which will arrive exclusively on Wii U on June 28th. Today, however, we are ready to provide you with the complete review of the Intelligent Systems title, where we will analyze in detail all sixteen of the protagonist minigames, with their strengths and weaknesses.

12 mini-games to explore (single player)

Even Game & Wario, like the previous chapters of the brand, begins with Wario intent on watching TV: during the advertising our pot-bellied anti-hero sees the queue at the shops for a new console that takes advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay.
He then decides to contact his gang and develop games for the aforementioned console, in order to become very rich. Let's see what those crazy Intelligent Systems gave birth to this time.

Using the gamepad to shoot arrows, we will have to eliminate as many enemies as possible on the television screen.
In four levels of increasing difficulty we will face multiple Wariobots with skills
different, the goal is to get as many points as possible, chaining shots and preventing the henchmen from arriving on the gamepad to eat our strawberries; in the unfortunate case the robots were to succeed, we will have to crush them via the touch screen.
Thanks to the pepper bottles, we will be able to enhance our arrows and hit multiple enemies at the same time, also by putting the gamepad in front of our face, this will shield us from any cannonballs fired by enemies (a bit like it happens in Pirates).
Arrow's only flaw is calibration, when we use the shield, in fact, the gamepad will synchronize automatically, slightly busting subsequent sessions.

Mona drags us to her side in the work as a photojournalist, in five different levels we will have three minutes to take photos of the characters communicated to our photographer.
To do this we will have to use the Gamepad as a camera, zooming in on the faces (sometimes certain expressions will be required) or on the whole figure, and shooting with the backbones.
Each photo will be evaluated according to different criteria, until reaching a perfect 100.
We will also be able to get bonus points by photographing little Fronk, who wanders around the landscapes and with the time left at the end of the mission.
Camera is definitely one of the minigames that best exploits the Asymmetrical gameplay, too bad that after getting the perfect photos, the replay value is almost nothing.

Jimmy T, Wario's friend with a blue afro, has decided to take a ski course, always in his own way of course.
By holding the Gamepad vertically we will have to lead Jimmy to the finish, without him falling off the cliffs or making him crash, with a view from above that is very reminiscent of the F-zero minigame in Nintendoland.
The gameplay is also very similar to the Captain Falcon racing minigame, with the only difference that the level will scroll down and not up.
Ski is divided into two modes, Chronometer, in which we will have to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, and Beginners' Track where Jimmy will have to gather young girls on the path ready to follow him to the end of the world to dance with him, all on tracks always. different from game to game.
Unfortunately, despite Jimmy's charisma, Ski knows he has already seen it, and it is certainly together with Bowling, the least original Game & Wario minigame.

patchwork fabric
Kat and Ana, the two ninjas of the group, are playing with the fabric, trying to create shapes of complete meaning.
Armed with Gamepad (even without the help of the TV), we will have to drag the colored shapes on the grid, and position them in the right place to be able to compose the mysterious object, all in the shortest possible time.
We cannot overlap the patchwork pieces, but we can position them even if the shape if the on-screen grid is different from the selected fragment, the important thing is that the outlines match.
If in the first levels the game is simple, continuing in the list of objects we will find increasingly complicated shapes and with more and more pieces, passing through further levels of difficulty where there will be many more possibilities, but always and only one correct answer, Patchwork is suitable for puzzle addicts and those who want to test themselves with ingenuity challenges.
Patchwork is also one of the few games, along with Bird and Disco, not to take advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay offered by Game & Wario.

Kung fu
Young Cricket and his master Master Mantis, who have joined the cast in the Wii chapter of the series, offer, as mentioned in the preview, a nice platformer on levels.
The aim of Kung Fu is to bring Young Cricket to the finish with the stomach as full as possible, to do so the warrior will jump like a cricket along the way, collecting bundles and looking for three scrolls hidden from view.
While on the screen the game continues with a normal view, on the Gamepad we will see everything from above; by tilting it, we can decide in which direction the young apprentice will jump and land, and if we want, by pressing the lats in unison we can swoop down to speed things up.
In the five tests that Young Cricket will have to face, we will learn to calibrate our movements with the gyroscope in such a way as to give the best in the Fagottini a Voluntà mode, where, as the name implies, we will have to gulp down as much food as possible.
Kung Fu is also discreetly calibrated and we will never find ourselves cursing the Gamepad for mistakes not made by us (unlike Pirates).

Dr. Crygor needs a new assistant to assemble the best robot in the world.
Armed with Gamepad and stylus, we will have to follow the five basic instructions of the doctor, drawing geometric shapes of the required size on the screen.
If the result is satisfactory, that is, all the required shapes will be of the appropriate length or width, we will be rewarded with a trophy equal to the level of our robot (bronze, silver, gold).
In addition to the main mode, there is the single stroke mode, where in addition to not being able to lift the stylus from the pad, we will have to meet the criteria in a maximum of five seconds.
In addition, there is the possibility to face both modes in two players, to compete against who creates the best robot.
The game is fun and tests not only our ability with drawing but also our conception of measures, too bad it lasts too short, and in the long run it is repetitive.

As mentioned last week, Gamer is the minigame that in our opinion embodies the spirit of Wario Ware more than any other.
We will play 9-Volt, the video game enthusiast child who spends his days attached to his consoles and his 18-Volt friend.
In Game & Wario also returns 5-Volt, the mother of the little nerd, who has not been seen since the days of Wario Ware Twisted, which will force him to go to sleep without the possibility of replication.
The aim of Gamer is to complete the game without mum discovering us, to do so we will play the classic Wario Ware minigames on the gamepad, simple, intuitive and for a few seconds each, while as soon as we hear noises, we will have to press the backbones to pause the game and hide under the covers, to be able to continue playing undisturbed.
While we hide, however, 9-Volt will begin to fall asleep and lose energy, so we will have to finish the game taking into account both the bar and the Mom, and of course the inevitable four lives available to complete the minigame.
If the four levels of increasing difficulty of 9-Volt are not enough for us, we will be able to try our hand in the mode dedicated to 18-Volt, which simply reflects the old chapters of WarioWare, in fact we will have an infinite series of minigames on our gamepad, with four lives available. , we will have to try to overcome as much as possible.

As already mentioned in the preview, the gruff and taciturn witch Ashley is teleported by mistake into a world made of sweets, and will have to overcome different paths destroying cookies and avoiding clouds of gas.
On the Gamepad, in addition to the animated sequences, we will be able to see the path to follow, while to move Ashley along the horizontal scrolling path we will have to both tilt the pad and press the backbones to allow the little witch to make turns, useful for collecting magic points , and to avoid attacks.
The minigame is fun and well calibrated, respecting the movements of the Gamepad's gyroscope, Ashley is certainly one of the best pastimes of Game & Wario although the levels are few and all quite short.

Dribble and Spitz also bring their job as taxi drivers to Wii U, this time they will have to face menacing aliens intent on kidnapping all their customers.
On the TV screen we will have an overview map of the level, with a top view, while on the Gamepad we will drive the taxi in first person.
The goal of the game is to take down the aliens with Spitz's bazooka, retrieve the passengers and take them to the finish line (in groups of three) before the mothership arrives.
All seasoned with collectibles useful to collect additional points and the final battles with the aforementioned mother ships.
With graphics similar to that of Minecraft, and engaging gameplay, Taxi certainly ranks among the best games of Game & Wario, unfortunately everything is undermined by the short life of the minigame, which consists of only three levels.

We also analyze in detail the WarioMarino minigame set in the middle of the ocean and based on our rhythm.
As mentioned last week, Pirates is Game & Wario's musical minigame and takes full advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay.
On the TV screen we will find Wario's ship, ready to give orders in time to the music indicating four different directions (Center, right, left and Up), when the corsair finishes his commands, we will have to move the gamepad in time to the given position, or we will be hit by arrows undermining our score.
Once you have parried the arrows, just lower the gamepad to be able to remove them and thus move on to another round.
At the end of the song Wario will make us dance with him, so we will have to put ourselves in the same position as the characters on the TV, and move to the rhythm of the music, all in order to be able to throw the final blow on the poor captain and thus conclude the minigame.
In the five levels available we will admire different choreographies, each crazier than the other, and after getting carried away with the style of play it will not be difficult to obtain excellent ratings from WarioMarino.
Unfortunately, the game easily loses the calibration of the pad if between one section and another we pass from sitting to standing, and it gives its best if played completely in an upright position.

The whole gang of Wario takes on the features of pins and gets on the track, ready to be shot down by the player.
Through the gamepad we will have to throw our ball along the lane, and for a while we can also direct it by tilting the controller, obviously the goal is to get the highest possible score.
In addition to Design, Bowling is the only single player game that can be played by two players, in a challenge to the last pin.
While it takes advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay quite well, Bowling sadly adds nothing new to the bowling experiences on the Nintendo platform, making it one of the worst games of this chapter.

The latest single player minigame is another old acquaintance of the Wario Ware series, Pyoro, the long-tongue bird is back to stock up on seeds in this cute arcade game.
On the Gamepad, Bird will be in its Game & Watch version, while on the TV screen it will be in a whole new guise with three-dimensional HD graphics and rude colors.
The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by eating small seeds, by stretching Pyoro's tongue with A we can eat diagonally while with the directional cross we can move left and right.
Like Patchwork, Bird doesn't take advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay found in all the other games, but it still remains an enjoyable arcade to pass some time (and brag about your own records on miiverse! NdGuido).

4 mini-games to explore (multiplayer)

After analyzing the single player sector, let's now see what Game & Wario has to offer in multiplayer minigames.

Orbulon, the alien of the group, offers us his personal version of the classic Pictionary.
Two to five players can challenge each other who guesses the most drawings, and also who has the greatest artist skills in the group.
In turn, each player will hold the pad in his hand and draw the objects, or characters, suggested by the game, the first player who guesses, looking at the image on the TV screen, will earn a point.
Artwork is fun when played with more than three people, sparking general laughter if the player holding the pad is not very gifted in the art of drawing.
Also nice is the two-player cooperative mode that allows you to understand how close you are with your teammate.

The young scientist Penny must find an elusive fruit thief, it's time to collaborate!
Up to five players will have to try their hand at a game where sight is essential: while one of the group plays the thief and moves through the crowd on the gamepad, the others will have to try to find him by carefully observing the scenario on the TV screen.
At the end of the time limit, each player will be able to tell his or her guess as to who the thief is, depending on the clues collected.
Fruit is a fun minigame but in the long run it becomes repetitive and not very varied, especially due to the only three game maps present.

Mike, the robot who practices beatbox offers us a mini-game of rhythm playable completely on the Gamepad.
Two players can compete against each other by holding the Wii U controller between them, and hitting the buttons on the Touch Screen in rhythm; the two will give the basic rhythm in turns, and if the other fails to respect the timing of the strokes, the first player will win the round.
Disco joins the group of minigames that don't take advantage of the asymmetrical gameplay, but manage to entertain and guarantee exciting challenges even when we don't have house parties.

In the latter of the four multiplayer-only minigames of Game & Wario, we will have to launch Fronk, (the mascot of the group) and his friends, to grab the best score.
Up to 5 players will be able to compete on different arenas, each with its own peculiarities and strategies to score points, from a disc that multiplies the score, to a slot machine that can be activated by touch.
To aim, simply tilt the Gamepad in the direction you want, a net containing the Fronk will appear on the latter, and thanks to the index we will be able to stretch the rope and shoot the small colored creatures into orbit.
Isole is unpredictable also thanks to the accidents that happen between one shift and the next, with seagulls that will move our Fronk, or anomalous waves that will turn the situation around.
Being designed for Multiplayer, this game gives its best when there are three or more players.

Many -small- Extras

After analyzing the sixteen main games, we finally come to the extras, which have always been present in the Wario Ware series.
In Game & Wario each completed objective (ranging from finishing a level, or obtaining a perfect score, to accessing the game once a day) will be given a special token: we can use it in the Capsul-O-Mat, chicken-shaped machine that mimics the classic gashapon stations now widespread.
With the Gamepad we will be able to shake our chicken to mix the prize balls, after which by pressing the backbones, the machine will release (we do not tell you where from) one of the 240 extra prizes.
Among these prizes, in addition to the tips to better tackle the 16 main games, we will find real extra minigames, from the bubble factory (which obviously works with the gamepad microphone) to the bongos player Warionetta, usable via gyroscope, passing through the minigames classics from the Wario Ware series up to special character cards.
A way like any other to continue playing Game & Wario even after completing the main story (which unfortunately lasts a couple of hours).
In addition, there is a bonus minigame that uses Miiverse, but unfortunately we have not been able to try it, as the group dedicated to Game & Wario will be launched on June 28, to coincide with the release in stores.

Wario against the Nintendo universe

After browsing through Game & Wario for almost a month, it is natural to compare it to the other game released for Wii U that uses asymmetrical gameplay via minigames, and which presents all the features of the console, obviously I'm talking about Nintendoland.
Although with some exceptions, the Game & Wario minigames do not succeed in carving out a space in the Wii U spotlight, leaving the primacy still to Nintendoland itself, which offers more variety both in the single player and in the multiplayer sector.
Unfortunately the game is penalized by the lack of longevity of the minigames, which are almost all finished quickly and are hardly replayed, if not for just a few exceptions (In my case Ashley, Kung Fu, Gamer and Patchwork ndGuido).

Intelligent System manages to give us a discreet chapter of the Wario brand, but the fact remains that Game & Wario originally had to be pre-installed on the console, then only come out digitally, and instead is found at full price in the store.
A questionable choice given the varied but ultimately limited contents, if not for the completist maniacs, who will surely find bread for their teeth.

Verdict 7.5 / 10 Ah the good times of Wario Ware ... Comment If Nintendoland hadn't existed, Game & Wario would certainly have deserved an extra vote, but for the same price, and superiority of contents, I don't feel like recommending the new Intelligent Systems title for those who already own the playground dedicated to the Nintendo world. Game & Wario is a game to take as an extra, to break the daily grind of larger titles, or to distract yourself with friends when not home alone. The care dedicated to most of the minigames is commendable, but it is undermined by the lack of longevity and replayability of the same, with various exceptions (already mentioned in the course of the review) the other games will hardly be resumed after completion. Pros and cons All the craziness of Wario on Wii U
Colorful and detailed
Some minigames are not to be missed ... x ... we will have gladly done without others
x Reduced replayability
x Very questionable value for money

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