Game of Thrones Ep.1 - Iron from Ice review

The power of videogame storytelling, by now, it is no longer a mystery to anyone. Some software houses like Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond) e Telltale, in fact, they make history their strong point, almost completely sacrificing the play sector and the interaction on the part of the player. Obviously there was no lack of criticism of this type of "narrative-centric" games, which obviously do not suit the palate of all gamers and from an exquisitely playful point of view can leave more than someone baffled. After the success of The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, Telltale returns to present us a new episodic series, this time dedicated to Game of Thrones. Will they be able to replicate the magic of previous titles?

Version tested: PlayStation 4

Iron from ice
The narrative proceeds full of twists and important moral choices from start to finish

The plot of the first episode of Game of Thrones, Entitled "Iron from Ice", puts us in the shoes of the house Forrester (always devoted to the Starks) and, just like in the book and in the TV series, we could impersonate more than one character to fully enjoy a intricate and multi-faceted texture. Here then we will get to know Gared, Ethan, Mira and many new characters who, to the delight of all fans, will have the opportunity to meet some of the most loved (and hated) characters of the series (we do not tell you the names for don't spoil the surprise). The narrative proceeds full of twists and important moral choices from start to finish, seriously giving us the impression of shaping our future and creating a story that will surely amaze us in the next few episodes as well. THE dialogues I am, as always, magnificent and manage in a few lines to characterize the characters making us love them from the first minutes of the game. The ending of the episode is also excellent, with the clever trick of cliffhanger, keeps the player glued to the pad with the hope of being able to download the next chapter as soon as possible. It must be emphasized, however, how the title is aimed primarily at those who have read the books and / or watched the TV series, as the story is set in parallel to the third book / season, with clear references to facts that cannot be understood by those who have not yet had the opportunity to approach the adventures written by Martin.

At the game of the throne either you win or you die
Decisions to make, dialogues to choose and some QTEs

Il gameplay di Game of Thrones it's the classic one that the Telltale guys have accustomed us to from The Walking Dead onwards. We will therefore have a story on which we can intervene with decisions to make, dialogues to choose from and with some Quick Time Event in action scenes, but nothing that lovers of pure gameplay can find seriously interesting. It must be admitted, however, that once again we have the impression that our every decision can heavily affect our relationship with the other characters within the story and we believe that this is the main feature for this kind of titles that are thus able to guarantee intense moments and to make us reflect deeply on our every decision.

The beauties of Westeros
The weak point of Telltale production is the technical profile

Il weakness of Telltale production, unfortunately, is the technical profile. Once again, in fact, we have mediocre polygonal models (hair in the first place) that during the animations, facial or not, they show the side of more than one problem. A filter reminiscent of the Blur, but we are sure it will not be appreciated by everyone. ExcellentInstead, some wallpapers that being completely designed they manage to be pleasant and perfectly merged with the game atmosphere. Superb, obviously, the sound sector which is characterized by the music taken from the TV series (with a lot of theme song) and by a dubbing of excellent quality, which boasts the voices of the original actors as their respective characters.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 When is episode 2? Commentary Game of Thrones - Iron from Ice is a very high level first episode. Once again the narrative has managed to surprise us and make us fully identify with the story thanks to beautifully characterized characters and a plot that will undoubtedly succeed in exalting every fan of Martin. Too bad for the usual technical problems and for the total lack of a localization in Spanish, an element that, unfortunately, will keep non-English speakers away. Pros and cons Excellent storytelling and characters
Compelling moral choices
Audio sector of the highest level x Outdated graphics engine
x Lack of localization in Spanish

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