Forza Motorsport 7 review

The pouring rain, the fog rising from the asphalt and we launched at 300 km / h with our racing car with only one purpose: to cross the finish line and get victorious on the podium.


With the launch of Xbox One over the years we have witnessed an evolution of the series Forza Motorsport, which chapter after chapter has managed to grow and offer one of the best racing experiences on consoles. Now in the seventh episode of this successful series, which has reached the figure of 5 million monthly active users, Forza Motorsport 7 will it be able to set new standards in an industry that ultimately seems more competitive than ever? Find out with us with our review.


Tested Version: Xbox One

Full Force

Forza Motorsport 6  came after a transitional title, a necessary step that carried the series into the new generation of Microsoft consoles. The sixth chapter of Turn10 Studios was able to raise the qualitative bar by bringing to the screen one of the most satisfying and fun simulation racing games available on the market. The weight of this new episode is therefore tangible not only because it sees the official debut of the series also on PC (after the experiments of the Apex version of 6 e Horizon 3) but is tasked with being one of the flagship exclusives for Xbox One X, a technical benchmark to show what the new and biting console is made of. For the occasion, therefore, Turn10 has put itself under to offer its aficionados the best possible experience, a title that celebrated the love of cars and that was built, always with love, for the players. Immediately after starting the game, the direction taken is clear:

FM7 is the biggest, most complete and most fun chapter in the series.

Forza Motorsport 7 is all about numbers: 700 gold and 30 circuits

Turn10 therefore decides to look at the contents and quality, rather than abounding with news even if well present. A chapter from this more traditional point of view, but that sounds to players' ears like one of those "best of" celebrating tens of honored years of a band's career in the best possible way. And here we are betting everything on numbers, with over 700 usable cars, one of the largest car fleets ever (with Porsche finally present since launch), and over 200 configurations of 30 circuits scattered around the globe, which offer the player spoiled for choice. Forza 7 also opens with a new single player campaign, the Forza Driver's Cup, who goes to change the cards on the table by putting us in the shoes of a new pilot, with the possibility for the first time to choose his sex as well, and to throw ourselves into a whole series of events and tournaments designed precisely to attract attention to the asphalt, allowing us to experience first-hand everything that the Turn10 racing game has to offer.


From classic races with muscle cars and Gran Turismo, to new challenges with trucks, steel elephants whizzing at full speed on circuits around the world, up to F1 single-seaters or SUVs, Forza 7 is really spoiled for choice. The collaboration with Top Gear, although orphan of Jeremy Clarkson and company, now migrated to the shores of Amazon Prime Video, maintains its spirit with competitions poised between genius and madness, such as bowling matches with Limousines.

Forza 7 is an ongoing celebration of the automotive world and everything that orbits around it, and this mode will be studded with audio contributions from some prominent personalities of the environment, from the inevitable King of gymnastics, Ken Block, to test drivers, mechanics and commentators, each ready to offer their vision and to demonstrate the love for this four-wheeled sport, as well as trying to create a bridge that can make everything so realistic and plausible. If the atmospheres you breathe here are the same as those that can be found in the paddock before a race, it must be said that while renewing the formula there is still something to improve, finding ourselves again facing a whole series of events one after the other and nothing more. Precisely in this perspective we should try to offer something more concrete and engaging, perhaps looking right at home and inspired by the good things done in recent years by Forza Horizon, also because the competition in this field is fierce and does not sleep.


The development of the championships will take place through a double level of growth, one related to the results of our virtual alter ego that will mark its value, the other on the number of machines in our possession. It will be precisely this that, once increased, will allow us to access new categories of cars and block new competitions.

Inevitable to accompany us in every race we find the Drivatar, now one of the points of reference of the series, which, drawing from the performance data of our Forza Motorsport drivers, replicate their behavior on the track, adding to the whole a "more human" aspect compared to the usual AI, with opponents who will tend from time to time so much to make mistakes or to have more aggressive behaviors, perhaps risking overtaking on corners or giving us a few too many doors.


Drive fast
FM7 can be enjoyed by everyone, from the car lover to the casual enthusiast

One of Forza Motorsport 7's merits is to be a "simcade" with all the trappings. The scalability of the control system and pre-race settings, make it a title that can be enjoyed on multiple levels, from the car lover and aspiring driver (equipped with a steering wheel) to the occasional enthusiast, usually refractory to the most extreme simulations and looking for something more arcade. From tuning to driving aids, everything can be customized according to your tastes and needs, again offering the greatest possible freedom. Always on the side of freedom and customization, the fleet allows us to create a virtual garage choosing from hundreds of the most beautiful machines of the last decades, and to make them “yours” by applying various decals that we can create through the rich editor or simply by choosing those made by the community.


With the credits won during the races we will be able to invest, as well as to enlarge our garage, in the purchase of Prize funds. In full gacha game spirit, these crates with a random drop that will vary from the value of the credits required, will allow us to obtain rare and legendary cars, new suits for the drivers or Modification, a subsystem of challenges introduced with the sixth chapter, which return again to add an extra gear to the races, such as extra credits or experience points, as long as you complete a race using only the internal view or avoiding going off the track and etc. An addition to the mechanics that today, like 2 years ago, is still pleasant and well integrated, which in addition to diversifying our games, allows those less daring players to experience something more, who may discover pleasant surprises.

And the driving experience would not be the best if it weren't for the excellent system that has been refined over the years and free of any burrs. As mentioned a little while ago, depending on the setting of the driving aids, both the enthusiast and the novice find their match, and abandon the safety offered by assisted braking, to ABS, passing through the various traction and stability controls. , it will be possible to taste with pleasure the various shades that every single car will be able to offer us, each with their own response times, physicality and different control.


Where Forza 7 offers little news is in the tracks. Although there are many locations and possible combinations, the only new circuit that we will find in this year's edition is Dubai, that against the backdrop of the city of the sheikhs we will find ourselves running at full speed among the sandy desert dunes and rocky canyons, crossing the finish line in the middle of the Dubai airport terminal. Despite this it is nice to find some of the most iconic tracks of the series, such as Maple Valley Raceway e Suzuka, aesthetically updated to the new possibilities offered by the game engine. In connection with this, it is necessary to spend a few words on the technical sector and on the results achieved in this seventh chapter.

Forza Motorsport 7 is simply wonderful to watch.

Days of thunder
FM7 is one of the most aesthetically convincing and beautiful racing games on the screen

We do not exaggerate to say that this is one of the most aesthetically convincing and beautiful racing games on the video, and not only for the excellent technical test, which manages to move everything, even on Xbox One, at 1080p and 60 fps without any uncertainty and maintaining an impressive visual detail. The "magic" lies in the renewed lighting system and the new dynamic weather, which make each race truly unique. Now competing early in the morning, it will be possible to run into the fog (obviously volumetric) which will make it more difficult to see the edges of the tread, while the sunset light could become an obstacle to be taken into consideration, perhaps blinding us when cornering just when overtaking.


But if rain had been the protagonist of Forza Motorsport 6, with its 3D puddles and aquaplaning, here we play on the upside, with showers that will vary depending on the intensity, significantly affecting both visibility and grip. In short, a challenge within the challenge, with unique and successful results in terms of fun. Even on the Dubai track, the desert winds that beat the track will cause the sand to accumulate on the edges of the track, lap after lap, making the cars less adherent to the asphalt and increasing the risk of error in the event of braking, forcing everyone to review. the reaction times of the vehicle. For the rest the tracks are well made, not all at the top for the level of detail, but with an incredible draw distance that allows you to see dream landscapes in the distance (an example are the same Dubai or Prague).


However, the graphic and scenic impact remains of a high level, and already this basic version, waiting for the sparkling 4K of the former Project Scorpio is a small jewel of technique and optimization that highlights all the skills of Turn10 to program. Even the models of the cars are recreated with obsessive care, from the liveries to the interiors, which can be admired in all their splendor through the now inevitable Forzavista

Forza Motorsport 7 follows the (negative) example of the latest Microsoft exclusives and comes to us in English only. Compared to Halo Wars 2, and to a small extent a Cuphead, here the "damage" is relative, as it is only the pre-race spoken parts, which will still be well understood thanks to the Spanish subtitles present. On the other hand, the musical accompaniment is more anonymous, soften absent in much of the game in favor of the excellent sound design of the machines, which captures the essence of every single car and restores its original feeling. There are some bugs to report precisely in replicating the roar of the engines during the races, which often for some strange reason disappears or loses volume, leaving the player without any reference. A rather annoying problem that, combined with a few other minor graphics bugs, undermines a great gaming experience to a small extent.

The art of driving
Not just single player, but online multiplayer, events and much more

But once the Forza Drive's Cup has been completed, what are the other activities to do? Also from this point of view Forza 7 offers different ways to spend our precious free time. From the races of the Rivals, time attacks designed to test our times by making us challenge those of other players in scheduled events, multiplayer, both locally via splitscreen (an almost "vintage" option nowadays, but always well appreciated if present) and online, which allows us to challenge players from all over the world, in customized and themed competitions depending on the chosen lobby. Forza 7 also looks to the competitive and e-Sport, with the Leagues, a mode available in the coming weeks and open to drivers who are looking for the most out of the challenges, where the competition is at the highest levels and contacts with other machines are disabled, so as to have clean races without any impropriety of any kind.

There is also room for all the Forza options undergrowth that has developed and grown over the years, offering players all the tools necessary to better enjoy this type of experience. From the garage to the tuning, to the various editors to create the stickers to customize the liveries, up to Force Hub, an app that encompasses the world of Forza and in which you can find all the news about the games in the series, upcoming events and new upcoming content. Events will also arrive in the "near" future #Forzathon, a series of thematic limited edition challenges that will allow you to obtain credits, experience and new machines. Coming soon instead for the Auction House, an option that will allow us to sell our cars or buy those of other users through bids and offers to bring home the car of our dreams. 

Verdict 9/10 The coupe in the wet ... mmm Comment Forza Motorsport 7 is a “best of” car racing series of one of the most successful and popular simulation driving series on consoles. The experience of Turn10 signs a love letter to the world of cars, a title that is as deep and immense as it is beautiful to look at and to play, which will delight any sports car lover. This chapter does not renew the series, but refines and refines it, improving every aspect and introducing a new single player campaign, which despite being a step forward for the series, still shows limits and needs further work. There are also a few bugs too many and the absence of major news but given the goodness of the title we can only happily accept the rich plate of Forza Motorsport 7. For the revolution of the series? We hope the appointment is postponed to the eighth chapter on Xbox One X. Pros and Cons The state of the art of racing games
Technically impressive
Immense between cars and circuits
Renewed campaign ... x ... but in need of further work
x There is a lack of important news
x A few bugs too many

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