Forspoken: are we sure it's "a game designed for PS5"?

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In recent days, enthusiasts have returned to talk about forspoken, the new Playstation exclusive from Square Enix. A forum user was the originator of the new chatter, underlining the fact that the title is coming out with full Xbox Live features, although it has never been reasoned for other consoles.

  • Since its announcement, Forspoken has made industry enthusiasts think, given the immediate specification of its exclusivity with Playstation lasting about two years. The title will be released on the Sony home console, also accompanied by a PC version also available on day one on the Microsoft Store. It was precisely this second possibility of fruition that fueled all the reflections still ongoing today, given that qThis version of the game will also support Cloud Saves and Xbox Achievements.

    On Resetera, therefore, a user opened the dance starting precisely from these specific details in the public domain, highlighting the particular circumstances of Forspoken, and underlining the absurdity of an exit on the Microsoft Store without also arriving on Xbox Game Pass and console.

    Since it is "a video game designed for PS5", as has been repeatedly reiterated, a publication of this kind is therefore curious, highlighting probable purely commercial reasons. After all, the exclusivity of video games is one of the strongest weapons that consoles have on their side to date, to perform on the market. From this point of view, such a publication is not too surprising, even if the declarations being launched and its modalities seem to clash with each other.

    In these days, if you are curious about Forspoken, a first demo of the game has also been made available (also reminding you to also read our test of the title).

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