Football Manager 2021 review, the rece-guide for PC

And like every year, one of my most anticipated moments comes, the release of F. To celebrate it, I propose a format that I particularly love, that of rece-guide. It will be because the simulator of Sport Interactive it lends itself particularly to being "explained" to then be "understood" in the best possible way. Unfortunately, this year, there are no significant new features. Covid-19 has probably also ruined the development cycle of this fantastic simulator.

However, I do not want to sound cynical but only realistic. This year with Football Manager 2021 it is difficult to talk about a new game “with a light heart”. Every year Sport Interactive sets goals, calibrated on the experience of the previous one. In 2019 the goal was corporate management and relations with the team, expect it was a bit 'ended up in oblivion. New figures have been introduced within the staff e the role of data analysis has become fundamental. The English software house still wanted to raise the bar more and touch a uncomfortable subject but which is part of the dynamics of a football club: human interaction.

What happens if between the first and second half of a match, at a clear disadvantage, the coach enters the locker room throwing the bottle against the locker? What happens if he points his finger at a particular person while speaking? If during a pre-match press conference, at an idiotic question from a reporter, the team manager sends everyone to that country and leaves the room, what will the newspapers write the next day? Football Manager 2021 will show you what happens if your reactions are these, both on and off the pitch.

This is an ambitious goal to want to achieve but which is likely to become counterproductive if not contextualized at stake. Let us remember that if we want to humanize it is the game itself that must be centered on the human side. Furthermore, while reactions are important, they must concern everyone, including the staff and the president. Basically the club is an overall concept that does not work in watertight compartments.

The graphic engine of the match has always been the Achilles heel of the game, even if every year the commitment is not lacking.

The principle of action-reaction

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Newton's third law tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Perfect for video games, even if when this universal rule was enunciated, our "loved ones" were not even in the dreams of those who lived in the world. Luckily we have them and I love them juxtapose these two arguments which, although distant, find common ground for explanation. Football Manager 2021's infrastructure lives on our actions that cause positive and negative reactions. To emphasize the concept, this year it was the emotional component was introduced.

Paraphrasing, I get pissed off and show you. Obviously all this generates things that unfortunately they are not predictable but only conceivable. This is a big mistake because a coach, before doing must know. How do I know the mental state of the players at that precise moment? Sure, I only have morale but I miss the full profile. What did he do during the week, if he is "bummed" for some reason, and his complete personality traits. I don't have a team psychologist who gives me the reports to understand the mood in the locker room.

Returning to us, throwing a bottle at the locker certainly triggers something, something that though it may not match what I want. It's almost like it's a bug, even if the intentions are there and they are good. The "breathing" of the air and the sensations, inside and outside the field is a ambitious goal but that cannot be reached in just one year. Now the road has been traced and you just have to follow it.

Describing an emotion and a behavior is not easy if you don't experience it firsthand. Words are only the end, gestures are the means.

A growing staff

Football Manager 2021 has staked a lot on this component of the club. Normal, given the importance that the entourage of a coach has for the fate of a championship. In particular, various figures have been introduced who have the task of analyze data and numbers and translate them into understandable language. Put simply, I don't feel like bumping into me and you do the job for me. Normal given the workload of a manager.

The numbers of football Although football is a sport, the performance of a player and a team is measured by numbers and statistics. % of assists and ball possession they are useful for setting up a winning tactic.

Since, however, the responsibility of the team is in our hands, if in the league we feel sorry we cannot blame the analyst on duty. We have chosen it for which we must do mea culpa. Therefore, before reading the weekly reports that the various analysts will submit to us, it is good that these are suitable for us and are "aligned" with our club philosophy.

This year Sport Interactive decides to include the figure ofrecruiting analyst. This moves between the Sporting Director and the team of observers and serves for translate the "numbers" behind a possible purchase. Choosing a charismatic central defender at the height of his career is easy. You just have to put your hand in your wallet and pay the price tag. Finding a young promise, the one you take at 10 and sell at 100, is far from easy.

So you have to trust their advice but you also have to enter often and willingly on the matter and understand if it is a mistake or not. Remember that this year the interaction factor is important and this also applies to staff members. During my first season, for example, every week I had staff meetings for understand where the critical issues were and the progress of the team. But I have never blindly trusted their judgment. I checked all their advice and criticism to see if it was valid or not. And then again interactions upon interactions. After a while you understand who can stay on board and who to say hello. When you are a coach you don't look anyone in the face. Only the good of the team is concerned.

Pre-game advice is always valuable, even if the last word is always up to you. Beware of bad conditioning.

Begin and not continue

For some years now the English software house has the bad habit of starting something and not continuing it. It almost seems that for them, improving means throwing out new things every year and not going back to old ones. Last year, for example, they launched the concept of short, medium and long term goals. Very interesting and that it involved continuous interaction with management and staff. This aspect also returns in this edition, but it is a copy and paste of last year.

I don't understand the meaning of this choice. But this is not the first time this has happened. I say, if you see that something works and makes sense, also based on the feedback obtained from the community (one of the best around, with an incredible talent scout network), believe it and invest. A simple update, if done right, is seen as a new feature and pleases everyone, even the skeptics.

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Another thing, which makes no sense to me, lies in the unwillingness to deepen the aspect concerning the extra football. There is a financial world outside the club, which cannot be reduced to just the ticket price. Guys it's been like this since time immemorial. Imagine the grandiose PC Football, published by the Spanish Dinamic Multimedia, he handled this aspect in a sublime way. On the day of the match, all the income from the stadium could be controlled, from merchandising to food products. Today there is an immense ecosystem around football which strangely does not interest Sport Interactive. Because?

Why is it more important to engage development teams on creating the end-of-season celebration, referred to as a new feature of the game, rather than focusing on something truly new? Now, I understand that the development of Football Manager 2021 has been troubled. Far be it from me to want to rage. Getting out of this 2020 unscathed is practically impossible. However, I want to insist on this aspect because, in my humble opinion, it could mark the turning point and the consecration of the best football manager in existence. There are many potentials, little willpower.

A club bases its solidity on internal dynamics, all based on trust and esteem. If there is a feeling, at all levels, the results also arrive.

Ready for the console version

I believe that the real big news of this Football Manager 2021 is thelightening of an interface which was starting to get quite heavy. The choice to land on the next-gen of Microsoft products made a slimming cure necessary. The effects of this process, for obvious reasons, I have seen them, and how. Extremely fast uploads even though I was playing an early access version. Of all this he gains the general experience he becomes faster with instant transitions.

Usability and interfaces Second issue when it comes to video games, also because the gameplay is everything. One question: do you like a clear, effective and not too messy HUD more, or do you prefer chaos? I think the answer is rather obvious.

This is an aspect that should not be underestimated when it comes to video games that live on graphical interfaces. These must be usable and usable. The turn that the well-known football simulator had taken was not the best. Even if you chose an average game database, the uploads, with a fairly honest computer, had become "heavy". I can understand this after the end of the game because of the preparation of the match data for the subsequent analysis, but between one day and the next, after a while you would turn the boxes and "quittavi". A real shame for a game that must be experienced moment by moment.

The idea that I got, therefore, is that thanks to the next-gen the English developers have taken everything and remodeled for a better use of the contents. In addition to loading, in fact, the organization of spaces and various modules is also more streamlined. The interfaces are not "loaded" as they were in the past e everything is clearly visible and searchable. Even the player search screen, the most messed up but at the same time the most important, has undergone a nice reorganization. Lots of filters and clear contents. All with an extremely wide customization margin that can be reused over time. Imagine on console how much time you save since you don't have a mouse and keyboard.

The tested version, however, is the PC version so mine is just a guess based on the trend of the past years. There was a reversal of the trend so it is no coincidence that the facelift took place precisely on the occasion of the landing on X series. In any case, those who play on PC have gained a lot.

Words are of little use if there is a misfire on the pitch. Tactical management is at the heart of Football Manager 2021, but remember that it is important to know each individual player first.

Update or new game?

A sore point this, which has plagued all cd games. recursive. Those who come back every year with a version that must necessarily be "new". Now FIFA 21 has failed miserably, passing off an update for a new game. It will be saved, perhaps, due to the version dedicated to the new generation coming out on December 4th. Speaking of Football Manager, taking a judgment is not easy at all, but I'll try anyway.

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Judging the general gameplay, there are no big news in terms of features when compared with the previous year. The work done in terms of manager / club interaction is certainly appreciable even if it does not leave me completely enthusiastic. It was an aspect that could also be introduced with the 2020 edition or in any case that could be inserted with a subsequent update. Furthermore, a whole necessary part of deciding what to say and how to do it is missing. That could be a nice "new chapter" feature. The important thing is that a new development branch has been identified. Another interesting aspect is the work done on the staff, who bought, this year, the new figure of the recruiting analyst. Interesting to save time for the identification of a possible talent, but this is also something that could have been included with an update.

The match engine is almost identical to last year's, with better lighting and a few more animations. Basically, however, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of rendering and all. The leaner and more responsive interface is a huge surprise, however, worthy of a new version of the game. Having a ready and reactive game engine underneath is undoubtedly a godsend given that who is on the other side doesn't always feel like waiting for the numerous uploads the game requires.

My opinion, therefore, is that Football Manager 2021 will be saved in a corner so as not to end up in the category of "fake new games". I repeat, I understand the year and Covid, but passing off a half update for something new is not nice, as well as incorrect.

Verdict 8/10 More can be given Comment Leaving my fan side at home is not easy but it is required. Football Manager 2021 falls by a hair in the category of new games, touching that of the only update. The improvements are there but they are not decisive. The introductions of new staff and the best interaction factor, to mention some of these, are not enough. Series X ready. Pros and cons Beginnings of emotional interaction
Lightweight and responsive interface
Console ready x Few significant updates
x Unchanged graphics engine

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