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    Five things to watch out for when using Internet Banking on a smartphone

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    The impact they have had smartphones and other mobile devices on everyday life, it is truly impressive. First of all from a practical point of view: if all the different operations that once had to be carried out necessarily at the counter, carving out one or two hours during the day, can now be completed without any problem directly on the web.

    All thanks to the increasing diffusion dell’internet banking. That is, of the success achieved by platforms that have been created by the credit institutions themselves and that allow customers to carry out operations and financial transactions through the website, without having to leave home, or simply from their smartphone, wherever they are.

    The Spanish Banking Association, ABI, also wanted to focus on the great success achieved by home banking, drawing up a specific guide to better manage the home banking experience and keep as far away as possible from any type of problem. or danger.

    A question of safety

    La safety it is an aspect to be taken into consideration in general when using online tools or browsing the web much more simply. All the more reason, the utmost attention must be paid when using a home banking service on the internet.

    When registering on the bank's website, the best advice to follow is to always opt for a secure password. Avoid, as pointed out in an article on Ansa, trivial passwords such as "123456". In this sense, you need to focus on a password at least 8 characters long, in which both lower and upper case letters are entered, as well as numbers and other symbols. In short, you should try to make it very complex and difficult to trace back to your person.

    Use a VPN to browse

    An excellent piece of advice that can be introduced in the speech is to take advantage of a VPN network to surf the web more safely, in general. Consequently, even access to the preferred banking service will certainly be more protected and protected.

    One more reason, therefore, to go in search of the best vpns in the world, taking into account how those that offer a completely free service are not always so reliable, despite certainly the advantage of not spending anything. Being stingy on this aspect, however, is absolutely useless, indeed it can only bring many more risks.

    Change your password often

    Choosing your password carefully is not a one-off attention, but it is an operation, as suggested by many experts and professionals, to be carried out quite frequently. Also with regard to access to home banking services, it is always better to change the password quite frequently, but above all to use a different access key than the one you already use to navigate on other platforms.

    Payment cards

    It was ABI itself that disseminated some suggestions that allow us to understand how to correctly and reliably manage the various payment cards. First of all, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the conservation of the card: never keep it in the company of the pin code. In fact, in case you lose it, the risk is that some malicious can find it and, at the first counter, withdraw as much money as possible.

    So, just in case you have to notice access or unauthorized use of the debit card rather than credit, the first thing to do is to notify the bank immediately.

    Equal attention should be paid when you decide to access the bank's website from a public computer, which is absolutely essential. avoid, since already the public WiFi network you rely on may have more than a few security gaps, you may not have logged out after use. As a result, the next user could practically find themselves inside your online bank account.

    Use only and exclusively your pc or smartphone

    An aspect with which we can reconnect in no time at all to what we were telling you a little while ago. It is essential to always and only use your smartphone or computer to access the internet banking service. Even if for a moment the idea that using an acquaintance's PC is not so dangerous, try to reflect and use reason, since the risks are everywhere, even more so with people who are not so trustworthy.

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