Final Fantasy V Review

About a month ago, Square Enix released on Valve's digital platform Steam, Final Fantasy V, continuing on that path already begun for some time. What we have in front of us is nothing more than a port of the version Android available for some time and we preferred this one on PC for a number of reasons that we will explain as we proceed with our review.

Version tested: Windows PC & Android (Nexus 7 2013)

Crystal heroes gathered

The events of Final Fantasy V generally follow the canons of the first six chapters of the saga, with a strongly centralized story on the four crystals that regulate the balance of the world. During this adventure the player will take on the role of Bartz, an adventurer who travels the world with his trusted friend, a Chocobo named Boko. Everything will begin with the crash of a meteorite on their planet, an event that will bring Bartz to the knowledge of the princess Lenna and a mysterious individual named Galuf. These characters, with the help of Faris, a pirate met a short time later, will set out on a journey to try to find out what is happening to the four crystals of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The survival of all life is in fact threatened by the evil sorcerer Exdeath who wants to seize the power of Nothingness to destroy all that exists. All this will take you to explore different cities and dungeons and will allow you to meet very bizarre but interesting characters at the same time, including the inevitable Cid. In this fifth chapter, the protagonists proposed they end up on the same level in terms of importance. Although the focus seems to be on Bartz, the co-protagonists play an equally primary role in the unfolding of the story. The plot of Final Fantasy V, although it is full of sad moments, always manages to maintain more or less serene tones, thanks to the comedy induced by the protagonists and the bizarre animations proposed.

A well-structured job system

The game mechanics of Final Fantasy V, which we remember being a turn-based role-playing game, they are mainly based on the job system. Each character will have different "roles" to choose from, each of which guarantees particular statistics and fighting techniques. It ranges from Handyman, a non-specialized class capable of using any type of equipment, up to the classes dedicated to hand-to-hand combat, to the magical ones and those that are endowed with particular abilities (the Mime for example, who is able to repeat the last action we performed and at no cost). This system allows the player to be able to learn a series of active and passive skills as the level of the job rises and which can then be equipped, in an extremely limited way, to other roles, so as to be able to create extraordinarily powerful combinations. While the Final Fantasy V job system seems to be adaptable to anyone's play style, on the other hand the numerous jobs are unable to provide noteworthy skills. reducing the choice to very few other combinations. In fact, having reached a level of about 60 with the whole team and perfected some specific jobs with the necessary characters, it will be possible to face every enemy within the game without problems, including the optional bosses that should represent a higher level of challenge. Despite this, it is also important to consider the difficulty in understanding which is a combination of classes / skills that can be defined as winning. Without the use of guides or tools of this type, it is necessary to go by trial, discovering the various classes of what they are capable of and carefully analyzing how to exploit the various skills. This value, added to the overall difficulty of the game at least as regards the strategic choices to be made, allows us to promote the mechanism proposed by Final Fantasy V.

A porting loop

The version released on Steam of Final Fantasy V is nothing more than a port of the oldest conversion released for some time on Android. In bringing the fifth chapter of the saga also to PC, Square Enix has committed a series of superficial errors that heavily undermine the overall quality of the product. Just to give an example, the Android version of Final Fantasy V has bars on both sides that are used to show the battery status and the time. In the PC port these two bars have been only partially removed, as they are no longer present but replaced by meaningless black bands. Furthermore, there is no real full-screen mode, as even selecting full-screen you can see the window outlines at the top. Added to this is the poor graphic rendering that is not available on Android devices. In fact, textures and designs are the same and, although they have been done very well, the lower pixel density on PC screens leads to a really poor result. Everything seems undefined and the visual experience is far from what you can have in the mobile environment. Given the low requirements in terms of hardware, we could have worked to double the internal resolution of the game bringing it to at least 2K, so that playing in fullHD there would have been a much higher pixel density (DSR), as they did (by mistake? ) with the PC version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Going beyond the mere technical realization of the game, Final Fantasy V offers a variety of visually stunning landscapes and environmentsdespite the age. Cities and dungeons reflect what for good or ill have ended up becoming the standards of the first chapters of the series, but nevertheless manage to be always fascinating and pleasant to discover.

The soundtrack is instead the work of the creative genius of Nobuo Uematsu, which can be admired throughout our adventure which ended in about 40 hours of gameplay.

Verdict 5/10 What a porting of m ... Comment Final Fantasy V is an excellent chapter of the homonymous saga of Final Fantasy. Although it is difficult to say that it has one of the best plots proposed within the brand, it is still capable of entertaining, thrilling and thrilling the player throughout the adventure. The turn-based game mechanics propose a use of the job system that is certainly interesting for many. Unfortunately, the technical realization is really disappointing, due to a too superficial work and which prompted us to greatly lower the real rating that a game like Final Fantasy V deserves. Pros and Cons The plot
The job system
The soundtrack x The technical realization
x Porting too shallow

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