FIFA 23, PC versions are unplayable

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The launch of FIFA 23 it was probably not one of the best in Electronic Arts history. The game, which has been available for several days now in the Ultimate Edition version, the most expensive and which guaranteed access in Early Access, while since yesterday it has officially been available for everyone thanks to the standard edition (which you can buy on Amazon). Beyond the copies sold, which will certainly be high, the PC game has been plagued by a series of technical problems, which have led the title to have many negative reviews.

The major criticisms come directly from Steam, with the players who are literally enraged. “Electronic Arts, you've done it again. It is unacceptable to have paid a good 100 dollars for an Ultimate Edition that does not work”, reads one of the reviews published online. The problems reported by users are different: starting from an inability to start the game due to the anti-cheat, up to movies that have obvious lag problems. FIFA 23 on PC was therefore not launched perfectly and probably a corrective patch will have to fix these problems.

At the moment these problems seem to concern only the PC version of the football simulator. On Xbox and PlayStation, for example, the launch seems to have gone very well. In fact, the testimonials about it at the moment only concern the game on Steam and Origin.

FIFA 23 is available starting yesterday su PC e console PlayStation, Xbox e Nintendo Switch. The game will be the last in the series: Electronic Arts has in fact chosen not to renew the license with the governance of world football, thus deciding to create its own real video game, called EA Sports FC, which will boast a series of official licenses thanks to external agreements. Keep following Tom'd Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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