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Do you want to play F1 2019 at its best? Then you are in the right place: keep reading this guide to become the best driver on the circuit

It has been available for a few weeks F1 2019, the new driving title developed by Codemasters you can read about here la our review. This game has fully convinced us, proving to be the most ambitious and innovative title of the entire series. As with any simulation game, F1 2019 it requires some attention to detail to be understood and played at its best. We therefore decided to make a guide that can really help you approach the game in the best way. So you just have to fasten your seat belts and push the accelerator to be able to whiz around in reading this guide!

F1 2019: the settings to use | Guide

Like any game of its kind, F1 2019 has the best set of aids available. The possibility to set the assistance allows you to give you a great help on: braking, traction control, stroke line and gearbox. Assisted braking will prevent you from going too deep into corners or flying into barriers around road circuits; traction control will instead help you in acceleration, preventing the vehicle from suddenly snapping out of the corner by stepping on the pedal. The flagship of the assistance remains the 3D racing line, which will guide you throughout the track by letting you know in advance the trajectories and braking times. Automatic shifting is another very important assistance, especially when using a control pad. Pit Assist allows you to move in and out of the pits at a controlled speed, while the automatic ERS mode takes care of the distribution of energy.

Obviously, the greater the assistance activated, the lower your speed will be. The advice we give you is to start with these settings active, so that you can learn the braking times thanks to the assisted braking and traction control. After that, when you feel comfortable, you can remove both of them to acquire further dexterity.

F1 2019: the best way to drive and overtake | Guide

In this game, control of your vehicle is essential to maintain a steady pace in the race. When the assisted braking is deactivated it becomes essential to enter the curve smoothly, braking in advance and rolling the wheel on the corner. Once the wheel is straight you need to gradually pull the accelerator to get out of the corner cleanly. It is therefore essential to find the right balance between the correct use of tires and the nature of the track. To do this, you will need to preserve the conditions of the tires in the best possible way, trying to take advantage of the entrance to the pits at the most appropriate time based also on the indications received via radio.

The art of overtaking and wheel-to-wheel combat is very difficult to learn, especially when you play online and are forced to face the most unpredictable players. The key is to create strengths and make them your own. Even if your opponent is very slow, not all corners have enough space for two cars to enter. Despite this, there are more chances of overtaking in the game than in real life, so finding a balance between what you think and what you can actually do is key. The combination of DRS and ERS is extremely powerful for overtaking, and in places like Spain, China and Azerbaijan you can practice this technique before the braking zone, while at other circuits you will need to be more cautious. The inside line is always preferable when making a move, being careful not to brake excessively to avoid losing the right overtaking timing.

F1 2019: correct vehicle management through configurations | Guide

The Aerodynamics tab describes the load level from an aerodynamic point of view. The basic rule is as follows: the more angles and fewer straights there are to tackle on the track, the greater the airfoil to add. The Transmission tab instead refers to how power is transmitted through the rear wheels and onto the asphalt. The Suspension Geometry affects the way the wheels and suspension are mounted relative to the rest of the vehicle and is able to determine the stiffness of the car. F1 2019 has 5 usable preset configurations, ranging from those at maximum downforce to maximum speed. 

And here we are at the end of our guide on F1 2019! To stay updated with other guides on this game, keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz!

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