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One of the best sensations you can experience, in my opinion, is nostalgia: that bittersweet happiness you feel when you play a title related to your childhood, bringing to light moments from the past and covering them with a glaze of affection. When I booted Evercade EXP, the new retrogaming console produced by Blaze Entertainment, all the afternoons spent on the arcades and the challenges between friends with 8-bit shots came to my mind.

Evercade EXP represents the successor of Evercade VS, and the first innovation lies in the portability: while the previous model is a home console designed to enjoy old titles on the TV screen and perhaps in the company of friends, the new one lends itself to quick sessions, to be enjoyed at any time of day and in any place. On the couch, in bed, on the train, bus or plane, wherever you are you can access the 18 Capcom games built into the console, or insert a cartridge to further expand the library.

The console is in fact compatible with the cartridges of the Evercade ecosystem, which includes more than 380 games, which range from Atari to arcade titles, from 8-bit to 32-bit, from pixel to 3D. All are packaged in highly nostalgic cases, with an instruction booklet inside (exactly, like in the old days!) printed in color, full of information on the works inside. At the time of purchase you will be able to immediately experience the thrill of inserting the physical cartridge into the slot, given that Evercade EXP will arrive with IREM Arcade 1, una raccolta con 6 videogames: R-Type, Moon Patrol, 10-Yard Fight, Lightning Swords, Battle Chopper e In The Hunt.

Capcom games wherever you are

The console has a extremely simple and highly intuitive design, without unnecessary frills but with very interesting features. When switched on you will find yourself in front of the main menu, where you can choose whether to access the integrated library with 18 Capcom titles, including 14 arcade and 4 home consoles, or the games present in the cartridge you have inserted. For each title there is a preview, a brief description of the plot and some information on your records, and when starting in the case of arcade titles you will have to "insert a coin" by pressing the select button before starting, while for those home consoles it will start the original version directly.

Playing old titles in the high resolution IPS display of the Evercade EXP is truly a fairy tale, and the possibility to choose the type of display between original aspect ratio, pixel perfect and full screen in the settings. In addition, you can change shadows, brightness, bezels and themes, making yourcustomizable experience based on the preferences of each player. However, you will also be able to connect the console to the TV or monitor via the mini HDMI port, enjoying games on the big screen instead of in portable mode.

However, the most innovative feature in the Evercade EXP is the TATE mode: by pressing a small button located in the lower part of the console you can change the orientation from horizontal to vertical, thus taking advantage of the D-Pad and the A and B keys located on the left side to be able to play arcade shooters such as Toaplan's Truxton and 1942 in an optimal way. The change of perspective does not in the least affect the graphic quality of the games nor does it produce any slowdown in terms of gameplay , which remains consistently smooth and without any input lag or lag; to then return to normal, simply press the same button again, so the operation will take you less than a second.

Dall'8-bit al 3D

During my trial, I was able to test all the games integrated into the console, as well as those of the new IREM Arcade 1 and Toaplan cartridges, for a total of 32 titles, mainly arcade. My experience has been extremely good - all games have proven themselves highly fluid, the controls are very simple and both the keys and the D-Pad are responsive, making the gameplay both authentic and modern; the only flaw I noticed is the overheating, which occurred after about half an hour of continuous use, which however is only perceptible by placing a hand on the screen and which therefore does not compromise the gaming experience in any way. Completing the World Tournament with Chun-Li in Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting was awesome, as was completing levels in Mega Man and Mega Man X, while listening to the awesome cyberpunk-style soundtrack (ok, I admit it, I also have a bit cursed in shooter titles such as 1942).

In terms of autonomy we find a 3000mAh battery that ensures about 4 hours of use, a decidedly more than sufficient timing for a respectable game session and which is above the average for retrogaming consoles, even if it could have been done even better. Charging is done via a convenient USB-C cable, so you don't have to worry about pulling old obsolete sockets out of the drawer; innovation was chosen on this front, as well as for the integration of the Wi-Fi connection, which you will need to carry out system updates that will arrive in the future.

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