Electronic cigarette and side effects

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Some smokers starting with the electronic cigarette, have some problems with the oral cavity, these are part of the side effects of the electronic cigarette. These symptoms or side effects usually don't last long, but they can appear when we start vaping and can last for a few days or weeks.

these e-cigarette symptoms are a feeling of dry throat, sores, sensitive gums, dry mouth, sore throat. We can attribute these discomforts to our body's reaction to the vapor with nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or to the aromas contained in the vapor of cigarettes.

To get rid of this discomfort, it is enough to drink water or any other drink, eat candy, chewing gum, etc. Any method that produces salivation should quickly eliminate the side effects of cigarettes. Drinking water while vaping is your best bet, although good dental hygiene must be considered.

Another solution is to rinse your mouth with water regularly, it can help if your gums are a little more sensitive from smoking a electronic cigarette.

To help with this discomfort, you could purchase toothpaste for sensitive gums.

There is also the possibility that you are allergic to any component of the liquid, if so I recommend that you change the brand of the liquid. Then you have to notice if this was the reason for your problems.

If the symptoms continue, don't hesitate to go to the doctor so they can analyze whether or not e-cigarettes are causing you these problems. Unfortunately, even if they are mild, there are problems with electronic saws.

Side effects of e-cigarettes

Appearance of acne: it is not due to vaping, it is a very common symptom when you stop smoking.

Night sweats: allergic reaction to propylene glycol, try liquid with vegetable glycerin.

Diarrhea: It is due to propylene glycol, change the brand of the liquid, better change the propylene glycol for vegetable glycerin.

Stomach acidity: it can happen, but it will disappear in a few days.

The tongue gets stuck and your head turns: it's a nicotine overdose. To solve it just lower the nicotine level, if you already consume a low nicotine liquid, try the liquid based on vegetable glycerin. If you smoke a lot, leave the e-cigarette at home or at least smoke less ...

Cough: this can happen on the first roll. There are several possible reasons; that you continue to smoke with the regulator too high and with too much steam. Even people who quit smoking cough, the body tries to get rid of the poison it has in the lungs and the rest of the body.

Hiccup: If you inhale very strongly, the vapor can reach your stomach and may cause hiccups.

Constipation: some e-cigarette smokers have told me that you suffer from this type of ailment in the first few days.

The positive effects of the electronic cigarette

  • The sense of smell will return to its sensations ...
  • It won't feel like you've just cooked a barbecue for 150 people, the smell of smoke that accompanies you will leave you.
  • You will feel better overall, lungs, chest capacity, deeper breathing….
  • Increased sexual potency, you didn't know huh?
  • You will not feel rejected by society, disowned.
  • No more going out at night to find tobacco at the duty station.
  • You won't get up with a taste in your mouth like you're dead.
  • The monkeys have finished asking you for tobacco on the street ...
  • You stopped looking for the lighter among the sofa cushions ...
  • The smell of tobacco and the ashtray in your home ...
  • You have to leave the places where you are smoking, you can vape in all public places ...
  • Significantly lower your chances of cancer and coronary heart disease ...
  • Fewer days in the hospital.
  • You can kiss your woman with peace of mind.
  • The considerable savings from not consuming tobacco, between 70 and 80% of what you are spending while you are still a smoker ...
  • etc ... etc ... etc ...

And have you started smoking the electronic cigarette? Have you experienced any side effects that we haven't reported in this article?

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