EA tries to fight cheaters and bots with AI

In a world where multiplayer games are rapidly taking the stage, EA may have found a definitive solution to cheaters and bots that risk ruining the games of Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042 (coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, just over a year after its launch) and many other titles. As reported online, in fact, the publisher and developer of Redwood has just patented a new technology, which would greatly help the various teams that have to analyze reports of cheating and proceed to ban many players.

According to the patent, EA would have been working on software that can understand user behavior in multiplayer games. The underlying technology would therefore help to understand if the player in the game is in the first place a real human and then if he is using cheats or is playing by the rules. All by exploiting an artificial intelligence, previously trained. Furthermore, such a technology could also find applications in single-player role-playing games and allow the various NPCs to adapt to the user's behavior.

Now, if it is true that the patent is actually present, it is absolutely not certain that it can be engaged. Not infrequently, in fact, the larger companies they prefer to protect themselves about the technologies they might adopt. In addition, such a solution could be decidedly perfect, but the risk of something going wrong and banning users who have not actually committed any crimes is still just around the corner. In short, the application of increasingly complex anti-cheats (and the creation of increasingly realistic open worlds) will certainly be a reality over the next few years, but let's forget about seeing them implemented practically immediately.

In addition to bots and cheaters, another unpleasant aspect of online games is certainly that related to toxic players, who insult and bully using text and voice chats. In this respect, more and more development teams are taking precautions and switching to the use of decidedly more rigid and even slightly dystopian measures, such as listening to in-game conversations. All, of course, to protect their user base as much as possible.

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