DS2 is Kojima's new game: trailer and details from the Death Stranding sequel

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It was a bit of an open secret, but now we can say it: after months and months of rumors, now Death Stranding 2 is official. Months and months of continuous teasers from Hideo Kojima finally have an answer. The game was made official (indeed, announced) during The Game Awards 2022, with a decidedly cryptic trailer but still full of information.

The movie opened with the actress who plays Fragile in the first chapter, busy holding what is presumably her daughter in her arms. She senses danger and starts to run away, but a tragic accident causes her to skid and fall off her motorbike. In the background we find a new association, called Rawbridge and continuous references to the sea and obviously to its mysterious creatures.

The trailer is decidedly rich in elements and details and there will be time to analyze it in its entirety, but also confirms the return of Norman Reedus, decidedly aged compared to the events of the first chapter. Also confirmed the presence of Troy Baker, who in the first chapter covered the role of Villain. The video is available a little further down, but as per Hideo Kojima's tradition it is really difficult to be able to understand something.

  • A little curiosity, in closing, on the official name. At the moment Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions or PlayStation they did not clarify the name of the project. Officially, the title is DS2, but it is a placeholder, as reported by KP directly on Twitter on the sidelines of the announcement. Finally, as far as the release and platforms are concerned, no details have been disclosed at the moment. The game will arrive on PS5, but it is not clear if it will be released next year and if it will follow the path of the first chapter, which also debuted on PC a few months after its release on PS4. We will update you as soon as there are more details on this.

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