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Forza Horizon 5, the latest arcade car iteration from Playground Games, is making racing fans new and old rediscover the convenience of having a driving position. If you are in this article, it is precisely because you intend to get all the accessories you need to improve your gaming experience in racing games and, why not, make your increasingly realistic and immersive gameplay.

Do you have a steering wheel, pedals and gear lever but prefer to have a seat that simulates a racing car as much as possible? The best gaming cockpits available on the market allow gamers who are passionate about racing to have anfull 360 degree gaming experience, even when it comes to less simulation and more arcade-oriented driving styles like in Forza Horizon 5. Whatever your driving preference, in this article we have included different levels of game immersion thanks to the many functions that the best workstations available on the market are able to offer. If around you, in addition to a steering wheel and pedals, you also need sports seats, or even shock absorbers and various sensors, you are in the right place.

This article offers a selection of products ranging from the cheapest workstations within everyone's reach to the most professional and expensive ones, whatever your taste in terms of comfort and immersion in the game. Before proceeding with the examination of the different driving positions, also take a look at the best gaming steering wheels to complement your positions and the best racing games.

The best cockpits for Forza Horizon 5

  • Next Level Racing S015, the cheapest
  • PlaySeat Evolution, the most convenient
  • Next Level Racing S010, the most comfortable
  • PlaySeat F1 Racing, the best

Next Level Racing S015, the cheapest

The driving position Next Level Racing S015 it is the solution that best suits tight spaces and… pockets with holes! This economic workstation has been designed to start planning your passion for racing games like Forza Horizon 5 calmly and with little expense. Indeed, the S015 is nimbly folding, both to adapt to different driving styles, and to be stored elsewhere when not in use. Its surfaces and modules are all compatible with the main steering wheels and pedals of the most famous brands such as Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec. The size is suitable for tall people from 120 to 200 cm, with a limit of maximum load of 150Kg. Despite the little padding of the seat, the workstation is really comfortable and also implements essential functions such as Force Feedback and vibrations. On Amazon, the S015 is also sold with some additional accessories for driving that might tempt you!

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PlaySeat Evolution, the most convenient

The driving positions PlaySeat Evolution they are a fixture in the world of running games. For several years, Evolution workstations have been the optimal solution for realistic driving experiences at prices that are not exaggerated, all of which can then be easily camouflaged in the living room of the house: covering in material imitation leather, sporty but at the same time elegant and quality design, and resistant steel structure that gives stability and sturdiness. In short, great comfort at low prices. The steering wheel holder is compatible with most leading brand driving hardware, as well as the fixing shelf for the pedal set. The seat is recommended for tall people from 120 to 220 cm, for a maximum weight of 122 kg. This seat is congenial to pretty much any Froza Horizon 5 vehicle without too many seat modifications. In addition, it is available in different configurations and models, even in terms of colors.

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Next Level Racing S010, the most comfortable

We now come to truly professional products with the Next Level Racing S010. The design of the S010 cockpit allows its user to get the most out of his cockpit, thanks to the adjustable GT bars which allow you to experiment with different positions with the seat, even raising it several centimeters off the ground: in this way, if you really want to get the most out of Forza Horizon 5, you can manage the seat height according to the vehicle you have chosen to drive, from the sportiest to the SUVs. The passenger compartment is rigid and solid, and the adjustments allow the steering wheel, pedals and gear lever to be placed in the most comfortable position for its user. The S010 model also comes with some extra features which make this workstation one of the most comfortable on the market: gear change support, seat slider, lumbar cushion and adjustable feet are additional comforts that guarantee a high quality gaming experience.

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PlaySeat F1 Racing, the best

We arrive at the most absurd and expensive product, but also the one that certainly gives the most satisfaction and immersion in the game. We are talking about the racing station PlaySeat F1 Racing, which as you may have already guessed from the photo and the name is the most suitable for sports cars. In fact, the seat of this workstation is created to give back the experience of a Fromula 1 single-seater, with a shape of the seat and a positioning of the steering wheel and pedals that recall the cockpit of the characteristic racing car. Thanks to many adjustments of the station and to a attractive design, this station is a real gem for players who want to get the most out of racing games with sports seats, including Froza Horizon 5. The F1 Racing station is made of frame and steel fully adjustable, with a leatherette seat upholstered in high quality comfort materials: solidity and realism are the keywords for this product.

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How to choose the best driving stations for Forza Horizon 5

Not all driving stations included in this article are suitable for the preferences, driving styles or space available to all gamers. For this reason, at the end of this article we have grouped the main features you should pay attention to before choosing the best driving position for your needs: ergonomics, functionality, available space and active community.

Ergonomic spaces and furniture

The driving positions can be distinguished mainly by two main driving styles (GT and F1), but in essence each station is a little different from the others. If you have back problems or if you are looking for comfort in general, try to ensure a driving position that includes as many adjustments as possible, or perhaps opt for products with upholstered seats like the Next Level Racing S010, rather than the economic S015, designed more to adapt to confined spaces. The different ones adjustments driving positions can also be found in the provision of any accessories for driving to buy, such as steering wheels, pedals and gear levers: some products such as the Next Level Racing GTtrack also have the possibility of moving the gear lever to the left for an English driving style.


Many of the stations examined in this article have functions in addition to the simple simulation session of a realistic vehicle. In the case of driving stations we can speak of the simple addition of lumbar cushions and extra accessories as in the case of the Next Level Racing GTtrack, or the inclusion of useful driving accessories such as steering wheels, pedals and gear levers as in the case of the Next Level Racing S015. Also, some stations add functions such as Force Feedback, a technology that gives the user driving sensations close to reality such as the reaction of the wheels and friction on the road. If you want a complete and hyper-realistic experience, you should migrate to the PlaySeat F1 Racing, provided you have to adapt your driving style exclusively to the sports cockpit seats of the F1 single-seaters.

Space available

The driving stations are all bulky, (almost) none are saved so try to evaluate it space available before proceeding with the purchase. In this article, however, we have also included the Next Level Racing S015, a folding cockpit which can be easily stored so as not to get in the way of any passages and narrow spaces, or the Xtreme Pro Racing 9045, a simple and solid seat that does not need many frills to function as a vehicle cockpit simulator. Larger driving stations such as the PlaySeat Evolution or the PlaySeat F1 Racing instead require not only a large space, but also little mobility given their large structure.

Active community

The accessories dedicated to driving games are very complex tools which most often require updates and changes to work best. For this reason, whenever you buy such a product, also look for what it says in the active community of racing game players like Forza Horizon 5, because maybe there could be some patch or some physical modification that could significantly improve the gaming experience. The comparison with other users who have already passed through your doubts will also surely lead you to make the right choice for your needs.

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