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Through this article we will see how to download Word for free for PC and the best alternatives. Microsoft Word text editing program is considered one of the best and most effective for creating any type of document and modify it without limits.

Choosing a program that can process texts from a computer or mobile device iOS and Android, is something that will greatly facilitate our work. Here are all the reasons and how to download the best program for it, Word.

Download Free Spanish Word for PC and the best alternatives

1. What is Microsoft Word Office?

Word text editor or word processor is probably one of the most used programs on the computer for measure any document template, although it is mainly used on computers running Windows, as the Mac version of Word usually offers some problems and sometimes the program crashes, probably losing some of its work.

In Windows it is undoubtedly the text editor par excellence and is one of the most used programs for its versatility and because it offers the possibility of creating texts in a simple way and with multiple editing options. Over the years the software has been updated to the latest version today. With Word we can:

  • Create documents and edit them With the models
  • Filter the text with built-in proofing tools
  • Save documents in the OneDrive cloud to access it from any device
  • Review all changes from a control panel
  • Share your work and make comments and collaborations with other users

2. Free Word download per PC?

First of all, it should be said that a large number of computers and laptops with Windows operating system has Word integrated and the Office suite. However, there are some where we will have to download the program to be able to use it.

From the official Microsoft Word website download is possible test Office 365 for a period of 30 days. At the end of the test you will need to use an alternate version or use Word in the cloud.

There is also the option to download Word in an earlier version such as Word 2011, Word 2010 or Word 2007 and activate the version with a product key.

3. How to use Microsoft Word?

This software offers us one wide range of possibilities when creating and editing text . The editing program allows us to format, edit, save and even print the text files we create.

Among the many options with which we can get the most out of Word we find:

  • Create text with graphs and tables
  • Write a book
  • Make TFG or TFM projects
  • Do work and presentations
  • Create or edit your resume
  • Write blog articles

Microsoft Office Free, the alternative

1 Google Docs

With Google Docs you will be able to create texts, edit them or share them in the easiest and fastest way possible. It offers us a free editor with which you will be able to work and carry out any type of project with options and tools that make it an indispensable program when it comes to text editors.

A favorite for many, Google Docs is one of the best options and also allows us to integrate any document created with the Google Drive cloud, so that we can open, edit or modify the document from any device and whenever we want.

2. Open Office?

Open Office is one of the most recommended free alternatives to Word. It's a open source program and can be used on various devices. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and allows us to edit text very comfortably and to have Word for free for PC.

3. Free Office?

With Libre Office open source software we will have a very complete and efficient text editor. It can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux and has a very active community of users who contribute to the program with donations and new options. It also has an Android version.

4. Free Office

Free Office is a great alternative to the free version of Microsoft Word. Has a text editor that allows you to perform actions and changes also with the modification of models and is cross-platform, which will allow us to install it on any device.

5. Abi Word

Abi Word offers us a handy text editor with a completely free GNU license, effective and complete. It has a cross-platform application, which allows us to edit text from any place or device, and can even share documents. Its interface is quite old but it does its job perfectly.

6. Polaris Office

With Polaris Office we will find a complete suite of programs to work with from the integrated word processor. It has compatible applications in different operating systems and allows us to have immediate access to documents from where we are thanks to its cloud.

Download Word free for PC, conclusion

We were able to verify that the download and theuse of Microsoft Office on any device to create and modify the text to our liking is possible in an easy and simple way.

Furthermore, we find various alternatives that offer the same versatility and efficiency as the software, so we just have to choose our favorite and create and edit the text without complications.

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