DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 Review, Complementary Review

The Ancient Gods Part 2 is the complement of Part 1

The Ancient Gods Part 2 that's everything that Part 1 wasn't. The first expansion played upwards, putting the Doom Slayer in a situation bordering on the absurd, arenas so sadistic that they even overcome the optional challenges of the base game. There was no news, but adding too much in such a context would have ended up breaking the toy rather than exalting it. If Eternal was the Doom of '93, Ancient God Part 1 was (is) Brutal Doom. A bad, bastard mod and determined to drag the player to hell with swearing.

The Ancient Gods Part 2 plays it pretty much the opposite, with the same result

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The novelties of this second part are more marked. New enemies, a new platforming mechanic, even a new weapon. They are mostly variations on the theme. Demons that can only be damaged by a particular weapon setup + mod. Others who apply modifiers to their allies. There are fewer borderline situations, for example, it happens only once that you have several raiders in front of you at the same time - and the Sentinels' Hammer, the new graft, meets precisely this scenario.

The result is that the level of challenge drops, probably going to displease the most hardcore. But with the effect that it is easier to enjoy this Part 2 and its narrative, which goes to to put order in the lore of this reboot and the whole franchise. The relationship between The Father and the Dark Lord becomes clear, protagonist of a (predictable) final heart-pounding boss fight that definitively clears the bitterness in the mouth for the one against the Icon of Sin seen in Eternal base. The pace of play is fast-paced without ever leading to the frustrated exaggerations of part 1, not suitable for the faint of heart. The Ancient Gods Part 2 is the classic expansion, the one that adds without upsetting, taking the opportunity to tell another piece of the Doom Slayer story.

A great farewell for a Doom Slayer that will definitely return. How and where, we don't know

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This Part 2 also introduces "horde" blood nests, where only the first is in fact mandatory. Obtained the upgrade for the Sentinels' Hammer, the challenges are replayable at higher difficulty. The prize? Beyond the satisfaction, of the aesthetic mods. There is just the feeling that this time id Software wanted to avoid the temptation to pack something "too much", to avoid the hardcore feeling of the first expansion. Not the proverbial worst patch of the hole. But in some situations it almost breathes a little bit of awe towards whoever is in front of the screen. That of the Nests is a perfect example.

The main flaw is and remains the platforming. Doom has historically always been a very exploratory shooter, with maps full of secrets - some that remained hidden until last year - and with a certain propensity for platforming. Eternal already in the base game was going to alternate the sections against the demons in pieces where it became important to know how to move in the shoes of the Slayer. The Ancient Gods has the problem of exaggerating. In some moments you suddenly find yourself in the situation of having to use the chain of the shotgun to be able to proceed, and if you have another weapon equipped you end up falling. Never mind, it does not involve Game Over but only the loss of some Armor / Health points. But the feeling returned is not pleasant, especially if we consider that it is experienced in forced sections with an extremely milder pace than in the fights.

The feeling is often that of having to waste time for minutes. When then what really interests us would be shooting at anything that moves on the screen.

Which we hope to be able to continue doing in the near future, without wondering too much what the consequences of the move to Microsoft will be ...

Rating and Price Yes 10 € / 20 € Comment The Ancient Gods Part 2 is the mirror of part 1: more news, less challenge. It works, perhaps even better than the first part, even if the platforming sections remain a ballast on which we should take a position: make them optional by confining them to exploration or really aim at them, introducing a rhythm that can keep pace with that of the shooting phases. Pros and cons Several news
One more mister toy x The platform sections kill the beat

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