Does PlayStation really have a security problem? Maybe yes

for some time, Sony seems incredibly exposed to leaks and information leaks. First it was the turn of The Last of Us, then instead of God of War Ragnarok. According to some insiders close to the Japanese giant, there would therefore be a security problem in PlayStation, which would seem to be confirmed by Sal Romano, manager of the Gematsu site, who literally dropped a bomb of enormous dimensions.

According to Roman, a document is circulating online with several games not yet announced by Sony. Among these titles there would also be the remastered Horizon Zero Dawn and a new multiplayer project set in the same universe. The two games were the protagonists of some leaks during the Spanish night, but obviously they have not yet been confirmed.

“A document containing some PlayStation blueprints was recently shared with Gematsu. We were able to independently verify its authenticity”, reads the text of the article published in the last few hours. The document would therefore be true and there would also be rather strong evidence, namely the presence of the two Horizon games, which today have been the subject of some leaks even from authoritative sources.

Gematsu says there's a document floating around with several announced and unannounced SIE Projects on it

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) October 3, 2022

At this moment we enter as yet unknown territory. We do not know why this document has been shared with multiple sources, nor are we aware of the content. Over the last few months there has been much talk of a computer containing some PlayStation materials, which ended up in the hands of some strangers. At the moment hardly anyone is able to identify the source of the document and we do not know if it comes from hard drives or from a mole in Sony. As usual, we invite you to take this news with a grain of salt and wait for any moves by Sony to counter this information leak, which seriously risks becoming uncontrollable on a global level.

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