Disney video games will not be produced by the big names

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In the early years of the video game industry, Disney has been actively working to bring as much content to consoles and PC. After a long period of hiatus, many thought that the production house had given up on the idea of ​​directly producing video games, but everything changed during the recent announcement of a new adventure that recalls the graphic style of the new Mickey Mouse cartoons. An adventure that will only be the beginning for the production house, which has unveiled its plans to return to the video game scene actively.

Let's start, obviously, from the base: Disney no longer wants to put limits on production. The strategy, as revealed by the VP of the Games division of the production house, is fundamentally based on creative freedom. “The passion of the developers is important to us. We don't look at the size of the studio. We don't want to repeat the same mistake we made in the past, when we approached larger publishers asking for a game to have certain features,” said Sean Shoptaw. “This strategy has resulted in a number of soulless clones,” the company executive continued.

Disney's goal is therefore clear: no fence and full freedom to any studio that has talent and a good idea. For the rest, it doesn't matter if Activision Blizzard or Supergiant Games, the authors of Bastion, are working on a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck video game. The important thing is that the project is fun and somehow manages to convince the production company to give a possible greenlight.

Although this strategy is rewardable, it must also be said that it will trigger considerable competition. The video game industry is indeed made up of multiple talented studios, some very small, who could decide to take advantage of this opportunity to emerge in this market. What we can do as spectators is wait: surely some interesting projects will emerge and we are sincerely curious to find out which next Disney video game will be announced.

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